Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Europe

Europe has the most visited tourist sites in the world; the major attraction sites are located in prominent European hubs. This is due to a few but compelling sites that lure travelers beyond these points. The following are the most visited tourists’ destination in the world.

Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Europe

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Tourist Attractions in EuropeLanterns, hand-painted ceramics, gold Byzantine-style jewelry copperware, and patterned carpets, as well as other eye-catching products, are the center of attraction here. It is located within the 15th-century vaulted walkways bazaar. It receives an estimated population of 15,000,000 annually.

Notre Dame CathedralTourist Attractions in EuropeThis is located in the middle of Paris and receives annual visitors of 13,650,000. It is a masterpiece of the Gothic architecture such as soaring buttresses, magnificent rose windows, and crouching gargoyles. This site has survived attacks by sans-culottes, questionable renovations, and armies. Despite this violent past, people have continued to flock the cathedral for a purpose for hushed peace and reflection.

Disneyland Park Tourist Attractions in EuropeWhen the first European park was opened in 1992, there was a lot of protests that the park was a form of cultural imperialism by the Americans. Today, Disney Land Park is one of the most visited tourist sites in Europe. It receives approximately 10,500,000 visitors per year.

Sacré Coeur Basilica Tourist Attractions in EuropeThis tourist attraction receives an average of 10,500,000 tourists per year. Visitors arrive at Sacré Coeur Basilica for a variety of reasons: while others visit to meditate and pray, others visit for the remarkable 360-degree view of the city of light from the highest vantage point. The Basilica was constructed in 1871 in Paris to assist restore peace occasioned by the violence during the French Revolution.

Musée du Louvre Tourist Attractions in EuropeThis is located in Paris; it is the most visited museum in the world and its numbers average 8.5 million annually. This site is art-lover’s paradise and it is made up of 35,000 masterpieces including Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. The 69-foot high glass pyramid of I.M Pei at the entrance of the gate adds to the attractiveness of the site.

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City Tourist Attractions in EuropeThis is in Rome and it is considered one of the largest sacred buildings and the most holy of Catholic sites. It teems with marble columns, paintings of angels, ornate gold and iconic statuses. It also has the records of the works of the Renaissance artists like Bernini, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Brunelleschi. The site attracts 7 million annual visitors.

Cologne Cathedral Tourist Attractions in EuropeThis was completed in 1880 and attracts approximately 6 million visitors. It is located in Cologne Germany. The payoff of this Gothic monument is its glorious interior with arches of more than 140 feet high. The key features to admire are the Shrine to the three Magic where you can climb 533 steps to reach the platform that overlooks the Rhine and mountains.

Shrine of Padre Pio, San Giovanni Rotondo Tourist Attractions in EuropeThis is in Italy; it is our Lady of Grace Church that was built in the 1950s and it displays the preserved body of the saint. Adjacent to it is the Padre Pio pilgrimage that was finished in 2004 attracts your attention with its modern glass facade and soaring arches.

So, what are you looking for? Do visit these amazing places and have a great holiday.

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