Causes and Natural Remedies for Dandruff

Today, I will discuss about, what is dandruff, what are causes of its appearance plus natural solutions to prevent dandruff. It is not only important to overcome dandruff using natural remedies for dandruff but you also need to know what is dandruff, what factors increase the risk of its development and what healthy habits that will help you overcome it.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a skin condition suffered by many more people, consists in the excessive reproduction of cells on the scalp which accumulate to form flakes. These flakes are released slowly, forming small white specks that are what we know as dandruff, in this condition itching or irritation, occurs. Its scientific name is seborrheic dermatitis. This skin condition does not always exist on the head scalp, but also may appear on the eyebrows, armpits, etc.

Causes of Dandruff

These are some of the most common causes in the appearance of dandruff:

Seborrhoeic as a result of excess glands that either work poorly (resulting flakes). Seborrheic dermatitis causes skin inflammation and irritation. If you also suffer excess fat in the skin, we recommend a cosmetic treatment made with a blend of the best vegetable and essential oils for oily skin.

At other times, dandruff is a manifestation of more serious diseases such as parkingson, AIDS or stroke.

In most cases dandruff appears as a combination of several factors. For example, the aforementioned fungus metabolizes fat on the scalp. But when it grows too fast, excessive flaking occurs and causes the most obvious symptoms like irritation.

But, indirectly, not less reactive, here are some factors that can cause or participate in the development of dandruff;

Genetic influence

Seasonal changes

Zinc deficiency

Allergies to certain foods

Allergies to chemicals in the dyes, creams and other industrial products

By the use of alkaline soaps and detergents

Excessive sweating

Stress and emotional disturbances

Poor feeding

Weak immune system

Natural Solutions for Dandruff

Use of natural products

One of the main consequences of using thousands of chemicals incorporated into all kinds of products (a little bit of shampoo, a little cream, a little bit of toothpaste, a little bit of cleaner, a little bit of laundry detergent etc.) is a reason of dramatic increase in skin diseases, allergies and other immune-related issues, such as cancer, from which our civilization is witnessing disorders. Learn to distinguish quality products and develops your own natural home remedies for dandruff. For dandruff I propose, home dandruff shampoo, dandruff homemade mask and lotion, and of course, if you like to dye your hair, use henna.

Improve your diet

Any disease is related to the failure of our immune system, then, our specialized cells in the defense can perform their functions properly, we must provide the right food and an environment free of toxic, i.e. a clean and sleek body. One of the remedies for dandruff is to learn eating well! Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, essential fatty acids, reduce the consumption of meat and animal protein, use cow milk, eat plenty of seafood, sesame seeds, almonds , base your diet on vegetables and cereals (especially rice ) and fundamentally drink plenty of water, avoid constipation and stops consuming processed foods, transgenic and aspartame (diet products).

Practice the yoga

To strengthen your immune system, it is necessary not only to eat well, but also practice regular, moderate exercise such as yoga, particularly, for dandruff, I recommend you do every day (little by little, with patience) the headstand yoga, also called sirshasana because it stimulates the blood supply to the head and it also favors the elimination of toxic substances, proper oxygenation and nutrition of the cells in that area. This is also one of the important remedies for dandruff.

Relaxing emotions

Take care of your body, but without forgetting your emotional or even spiritual part. To overcome dandruff (or any other disease) is required to engage with your own internal and external care. I recommend you practice meditation; you need to take the necessary steps to sleep and rest in depth as remedies for dandruff.

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