Impressive styles of scarf tying this fall and winter

Scarves, furales or pashminas in this cold season has become a perfect complement to ladies’ outfits. It gives an elegant and chic style to females.  Scarves also can turn the simplest look into a trice. So here are some scarf tying ideas for ladies and learn to use them to be fashionable this fall and winter.

Scarf tying  styles & ideas

scarf-knotsScarf with Knots

This option is perfect to wear scarf with casual outfit, all you have to do is to put the scarf around your neck and tie at the chest, takes two to three knots, this way you can wear your scarf with great looks, but nee to wear high-necked blouses.

twisted-knotScarf with twisted Knot

It is one of the most common ways to wear your scarf; it is elegant and helps you cover yourself from cold with style; to achieve this style just fold the scarf in half, put it next to your neck and hang over through the hole and make the scarf double, as the picture shows, this option is perfect for use with necklines, and most liked by women in this fall as well as winter season.

knot-the-neckKnot around the Neck

Scarves knotted around the neck is a way to get a smart look and keep warm uncomplicated, all you have to do to is to tie the knot at scarf’s end, put around neck, cross and pass through the head, latter fits well to make it look perfect.

knot-bunKnot scarf like a Bun

For women who like to look feminine, this style of scarf is an excellent choice, it goes great with stylish outfits as well as sober, with this option you can give a very nice touch of color, to do this just put the scarf around your neck, leave it longer on the other side, with the longest side make a bow, as shown in the picture and tie it with the shorter side.

cowboy-knotScarf with Cowboy Knot

If you love the jeans, this way of scarf is one for you, cowboy knot is a good alternative to complement your casual looks and simultaneously cover from cold, to achieve this style, you have to get a wide scarf and handle to follow the picture.

hidden-knotScarf with Hidden Knot

Undoubtedly this style is perfect for winter , as it allows you to look elegant yet warm in a chic way, achieving this is easier, however a recommendation is to use a scarf long enough to make this style perfect .

cross-knotScarf with Cross Knot

The knot in this style is very similar to braided knot, with a slight variation, but it looks nice just as only in shorter form, is an excellent choice for those girls who like to keep everything in place as it is well bound and will last throughout the day.

Here I mentioned some stylish, modern and very chic scarf tying  ideas   for this autumn-winter season, you don’t need to spend much, just use one of these styles or achieve any perfect style complement to your dress.

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