Follow some tips for the selection of perfect rug or carpet

Proper and regular maintenance of the carpets or rugs is essential. Keep them clean not only to maintain the appearance of it, but to maintain an atmosphere of happy and healthy home. That is why we must follow the most suitable tips to meet the requirements. Carpets or rugs generally do not get worn out; rather the worth decreases due to lack of proper aspiration and extraction of cleaning process. Setting up of entrance mats at all entrances is important to absorb and collect dirt before it gets inside the home.

Mostly carpets are durable and have excellent wear and tear resistance. However, some cheap carpets or rugs have problems with cleaning and maintenance, color retention, resistance to light, and texture retention. Sustainability and recycling of the product are some important factors to keep in mind when buying carpets.

In general, a carpet or rug is made up of completely synthetic materials and is easily recyclable. In addition to this, the carpet should be functional and according to home requirements, etc. There are more general criteria for the selection of perfect rug or carpet that can be identified by following these tips;

Follow some tips for the selection of perfect rug or carpet:

Where is the rug going to use?


olefin-fibers-carpetsFor example, olefin fibers for the front and back texture of the carpet if the carpet is to be used in a basement, is recommended because of its soil resistant property. Higher levels of humidity and low light in the basement can create a condition to promote the growth of mold and mildew if it’s made up of natural or nylon fibers, resulting in a malodorous basement. A number of nylon carpets are treated with antimicrobial agents to decrease the augmentation of microorganisms. Keep this tip in mind in case selection of perfect rug or carpet.

Do you have kids at home?

kids-at-homeA rug at home with kids must be of child insurance proof. Carpet should be soft so that if they fall, can absorb noise and avoid hurting them. Sometimes children drop food or drink on it, therefore, a multicolored carpet instead of a solid color is a better option. The spots are not as prominent in multicolored as in light solid colors. Carpets with stain resist treatment will help to preserve the appearance of the carpet. Olefin carpets inherently resist stains and easier to clean.

Do you want a luxurious look rug?

luxury-rugsLuxurious carpets are solid in color and have a rich surface appearance; they are available with good standard quality in the market that can be used for low traffic areas.

Is the carpet intended area used for a high traffic?

A house with high traffic areas should have a heavy weight rug with multicolored. A level or multi-level loop carpet (i.e Berber) is a good choice for such areas. Entrance mats are highly recommended to avoid tracking soil off from getting inside. The mats must be cleaned regularly.

Is that space used for food preparation or cooking?

kitchen-rugCarpets, use for Bedroom, living or sitting room etc. are not recommended for kitchens and food preparation areas.

Do any of the family members use a wheelchair?

Rug with long fibers and soft cushion is not recommended for areas with wheelchair traffic or furniture or sofas with wheels. A carpet of very short fibers, like use at airports, is recommended for such areas.

Natural Vs Synthetic rugs

The response of natural fibers carpet with respect to synthetic is good. Although they are not renewable raw materials, which can be recycle easily in less time like that of synthetic fiber carpets. Effort and energy is required for the separation of natural materials before synthesis of the recycling process commences.

The contraction and cracking can occur with natural fibers if moisture comes into contact with the materials. Synthetic rugs, which do not promote mildew, fungi or bacteria, provide a longer life to the carpet, so the replacement less frequent and more environment friendly in the long run.

Comfortable to remove stains

stain-on-rugWhen selecting a brand of carpet, including a stain and soil resistant treatment, consider the products are based upon stain and soil release/resistant, as they are safe to use and more environmentally atmosphere.

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