How short height girls can look taller? Few tips…

Can’t we all be look taller like models? People with short height often get frustrated when clothes do not fit as to make them look taller rather than smaller. There is a very true saying that good things come in small bottles. Undoubtedly that phrase applies to women of short height who believe that their size can’t look stylish and sophisticated. Do not get bogged down, designers say that fashion is magic and magic is illusion. It’s just a matter of selecting the right stuff to right people. It’s about creating optical illusions so short height girls can look taller or appear with taller look.

How short height girls can look taller?

smart-figureShort height girls can look taller. Yes! for them, the fashion offers different options that generate the feeling of being a little higher than they really are. Not only heels can help them look taller but a good strategy of costume. And how to combine colours, prints as well as different items of wardrobe can help achieving a more lean and streamlined look. Today, we are going to give you some tips to stylize your figure and ll show you how short height girls can look taller.

stripe-dressWe know that certain patterns help people looking thinner and can accentuate their curves; By using same way short height girls can look taller or appear taller. Wear dress with vertical stripes or diagonal, this will create optical illusion and you will look taller, it doesn’t matter if the stripes are at a couple of inches; avoid boxes, horizontal stripes or polka dots as, if you wear horizontal stripes, this approach causes the opposite effect and you will be looking shorter.

Pay attention to your neck dresses and blouses; use either V necks on jackets, blouses or dresses, as it gives the illusion of a longer neck, making you look thinner and higher, so short height girls can look taller.

laggingsA simple way to make your legs look longer is to wear tight waist pants. Avoid Capri pants or three-quarters; if possible prefer pants little below your knee. Use dark colours pants because they make your legs look longer, if you use the same tone studs for achieving higher look, can be another good idea for smaller people. Use dark shades, to make you look thinner, can also add visual inches to your height. Leave strident colours only for accents, like a scarf, an extra long necklace, a wallet or a pair of shoes. Adopt skinny jeans or leggings in dark colours only if you have thin legs, because otherwise your legs will look more filled and short.

long-gownsTry to avoid the big, oversized and bulky clothing, because after those big layers, you will be appeared not only more petite, but your figure ll also be hidden. Avoid very loose clothing. Short height people shouldn’t wear adhered clothes like a clingy skin, but have enough to emphasize your figure properly.


sandalSandals with straps or ribbons that climb up your ankles or legs are not a good idea because they make your legs look shorter plus your ankles, thicker. Heels, sounds obvious; heels make you higher but we are not talking about the height of heel, choosing the right colour of your heels is extremely important. Heels should be matched to your skin tone or neutral or transparent colours. Don’t make people notice that you’re wearing high heels.

ponytailsTie up the hair into a ponytail or bun; choose a hair style according to your face shape, choose a hairstyle that keeps your neck bare.

The pencil skirt is another great friend of those who want to appear taller. Avoid long skirts or 3/4, you can use miniskirts or knee length dresses combined with high heels because it will help you look taller than you really are.

However, there are lots of other tricks that can help you look taller or short height girls can look taller. Aside from the above tips, pay attention to your posture. Develop the habit of walking with your head high, do not be intimidated or feel embarrassed by others, just learn how to present yourself with style.

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