10 fabulous Nail Design ideas for Valentine Day and Other Occassions

Have fun and celebrate this Valentine’s Day with fun nail designs; it will make you look spectacular on the day or night of February 14th.

10. Degrade Nails

Degrade Nails Nail Design

Keep the spirit of Valentines up with degrading nails decorated with red accents, wine or you can give a sweet touch of pinks, you decide what to wear for this special date. If you have many different shades of polish, apply drops of white polish red or pink tone than you have to go for degrading the color.

9. French heart

French Heart Nail Design

This design is easier for Valentine’s Day and faster to do, all you need is a red polish, instead of making the traditional French straight beam make a small letter m at the end of your nails with red polish to simulate the top of the heart, do this on all nails and then covered with transparent polish, if you want to decorate choose polish with silver or white glitter and apply on the French heart to highlight even more.

8. Hearts Roses

Hearts Roses Nail Design

For those who love the pinks, this design is for them. Paint nails with light pink at the tip of your fingernail by drawing two large curves simulating the top of a heart, you can make it as big or small as you like, once you have filled the heart, make small white dots to decorating design. You can vary the tones from red, white and pink or other contrasting colors.

7. Mosaic

Moasic Nail Design

If you prefer a more original design and not hearts; you may go with many colors that are right for you, you need polishes in red, pink, and brown color. Paint half of the nail with the tone you prefer, let dry and then paint the fourth nail with another tone you want, whether mixtures inadvertently lines because at the end you’re going to put a thick white line that simulates the mosaic and will help cover any imperfections.

6. Love characters

Love character nail design


Get romantic with these funny characters in love; it’s easy, fun as well as unique. You’ll need white, black and pink or red polish. Paint the base of your nails with white color, then with a brush design a couple of characters, complemented with little hearts on all nails, do not worry if you are not perfect.

5. Heartbeat

heart beat nail design

Accelerates the heart of your partner with this fun and funky way on nails for Valentines; you need black pink and red glaze. The base of your nails is pink but you can change it according to your taste, draw with a black polish waves of the electrocardiogram on your nails and the nails.

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4. Love

Love Lettering nail design

Keep the style of February 14 with an interesting lettering design on your nails, basic colors are black and pink or white, white is for the base and for letters of love use a small brush or toothpick to paint letters on each finger, you can complement the design with a polish with glitter in silver tones.

3. Polka Dot

Polka Dot Nail Design

Basic colors for this design are red and white, can use the white base; draw red dots to make it more attentive.

2. Kisses

kisses nail design

Get romantic with this design kisses on your nails, there are different options, try a white polish for the base, for kisses you can choose pink or red, depending on your taste, you need a brush, first draw an elongated m to the upper lip, then closes with a small c to the lower lip.

1. Animal Print


The animal print is a fashion trend like mint color; try this trend with a touch of Valentine by adding different hearts on your nails. You’ll need 3 shades: mint or pistachio, black and pink. Paint your nails with the mint tone, and then make small circles anywhere; you can also draw hearts instead of spots.

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