Simple n stylish nail art Ideas using nail enamels & polishes

Nail art Ideas has become the perfect complement to all kinds of looks. They can be well decorated from the most casual to the most elegant and sophisticated form. But ladies often don’t have time to spend decorating nails. So here are some simple n stylish nail art Ideas using nail enamels & polishes.

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Nail art Ideas

Polka Dots style


This nail design is very easy to do besides going perfectly. All you have to do is to choose your favorite polish that will be the basis of your manicure. Once dry use a dotting tool and different polish from the base color. You can play by placing the points in different positions or sizes. If you don’t have a tool, you can use a pin or hairpin.

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Glitter your nails


For an evening event, nails decorated with glitter look fabulous. The process for this decoration is simple and fast. You just need to polish the nails using your favorite color (you can match with your clothes) of glitter nail polish or enamel glitter.

The easiest way using enamels with Magnet


Currently, in the market there are a variety of products for decorating nails. One of them is the enamels with a magnet. These are able to decorate the nails in vertical, horizontal, inclined, or simple lines whatever you prefer. Just paint the nail with enamel and let for dry before placing the magnet so that designs can appear properly.

Degrade nails


To achieve this decoration only need a nail color of your choice, a white enamel, and a small bowl. What you have to do is to paint the nails of both hands with enamel. For the next step, in the bowl pour a few drops of nail color and a few drops of white enamel to lighten the color.  Then put nails inside it. You have to repeat this for the rest of the nails until the color of the nails becomes lighter or you can also use other contrasting colors.

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French Metallic tips


This is one of the more elegant Nail art Ideas. You need a metal enamel and one matte nail polish. Polish the nails entirely with the matte and allow drying. Then with the help of tape mark the line and apply the metallic enamel on those tips.

Crescent shape style


The half-moon decorated nails are very fashionable. You can make it using fashion colors per season. The first step is to paint your nail with the color you like. When gets dry, using a tape of crescent shape polish the color you prefer.

Geometric Designs


The combination of tones is basic in decorating nails. You can create different designs like triangles, squares, or rectangles. All you need to do is, grab different colors of polishes and tape. The first step is to paint the nail using polish for the base and let it dry. Put a strip of tape at an angle to cover half of the nail and paint another color when first get dry. Cut another strip of tape and paste opposite to the previous and paint the nail using the last color.

Animal Print using different colors


The animal print is a design that will never go out of Nail art ideas. If you want to give stylish touch opt for bright colors like pink, orange or green. They will look stunning with a white base and do not forget to add black color as it’s a basic in this style.

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