8 most general foods that induce labor

Many moms who have reached the 39th week of gestation are eager to see the face of their little miracle that’s right. If you are all already close to labor, then maybe you want your delivery arrives soon. Also, you are looking for ways to achieve it quite easier way. Many moms speak about the foods that induce labor. But no one can say if those really work. Anyway I tell you what food people talk about. These foods are harmless. Let’s review over list!

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Induce labor foods

# 1- Ginger

It’s considered as alternative of medicine. Ginger is reputed to cause menstruation. If you go to figure it, will find that ginger increases peristalsis that cause intestinal contractions to facilitate movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract. Even though it has a character for doing so, but there is no clinical evidence that ginger induce labor. You should try and draw conclusions, do not you think?

#2 – Pineapples

Pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme called bromelain that can help soften the cervix. That’s why  it is said that this fruit has the “power” to induce labor. Moreover, as it has a great digestive, anti-inflammatory and diuretic power, could stimulate the intestines to be in motion. As a result could cause the tan, or not expected contractions. Ultimately, if it doesn’t help you to induce labor, at least, will help with water retention, right?

#3- Spicy Foods

Although there is no scientific evidence that spicy food induces labor. Yet there are testimonies of many women who say they have eaten spicy food and have begun labor pain. Who knows! What we do know is that spicy food stimulates the stomach, which can cause contractions. Did you ever try?

# 4- Chinese Food

I love Chinese food! What about you? It seems that today is your lucky day because your favorite food can help to induce labor. For just in case you want to try, do not miss the top 5 dishes of Chinese origin you can do it yourself at home.

# 5- Eggplant Parmesan

Pregnant women should always say yes to this recipe (eggplant parmigiana/parmesan), you know why? An Italian restaurant located in the US state of Georgia says more than 300 babies were born shortly after their mothers eat their eggplant parmigiana. Indeed, it has the pictures of babies as decoration of the room.

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#6- Liquorice

The root or liquorice extract are reputed to induce labor because of its ingredient called glycyrrhizin which may have estrogen-like effect. Awesome! This is an ingredient that causes uterine contractions. But be careful, because it can have side effects if consumed in large quantities.

#7- Chocolate

This really is good news for chocolate lovers, right? I know that chocolate has been the best thing ever. It seems that one of the properties the chocolate has, is the amine called phenylethylamine. This can have an effect on the production of oxitosina which is the hormone that is released during childbirth. Anyway, I recommend preparing a juicy cake of chocolate, although not induce labor, but will surely brightens your day.

#8- Raspberry leaf

Some researches have suggested, the raspberry leaves can be consumed as tea. They have a relaxing effect on the uterus.

And now that you are secured to try some of these foods to induce labor. You better know about 5 signs that you’re about to give birth, so you can rush to the hospital immediately. Best of Luck!

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