Do decor: DIY ideas of home decoration as ‘Recycled Lamps’

Do you want to give a stylish and amazing look to your bedroom, living room or rest of place? Or do you feel your home need illumination or light? Think about it, here I’m sharing four options of do decor for a different homemade lamps. These can illuminate your home, the best way. You can use recycled material for these DIY ideas of home decoration. Here’s you go;

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Do decor: DIY ideas of home decoration

Recycled Lamp with Flowers

If you like romance and roses, this flowers’ lamp is the best choice for you. Just choose the size you want to have asides other necessitate accessories like empty bottle of juice or soda water bottle. You can use whichever fits your new design.


Things you need:

1 Plastic Bottle




Socket and plug


Take a socket with cable. Rinse the bottle, let it dry and cut to the size you want. At the bottom of the bottle, make a hole so you can run the cable connecting to the socket. To assemble the flowers, take strips of paper, do color you prefer. Then arrange these created roses one by one  covering the whole bottle. Let dry, adjusts the light and your recycled lamp is ready.

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Ceiling Lamp using Bottles

This combination of red bottle with patterned wood will add a sober twist in your designing.


For this you need:

Red, white and black paint

Wood base (size and decoration to your taste)

Light bulbs along with  cables

Plastic bottles

Steps:  Cut the top of the bottle. Paint with red color outside and white inside. You can use black color to paint the top and bottom edge. Then make holes in the lid and wood is ready to place the wires of each lamp. Arrange it well with light. It’s ready.

Create lamps using strainer

If a food strainer that is about to be thrown in garbage, you can use this to make perfect lamp.

Create lamps using strainer

You need:


Spray paint

Socket + cable


Steps:  At the base you must make a hole about 3 cm in diameter. Paint it perfectly to cover the surface. Allow to dry. In the space that was drilled arrange the socket with light. It will look perfect in the kitchen.

Recycled Lamp using balloon & lace

This style is more modern and has been used more frequently in recent years in the decorations. You can buy such lamps from market, but if you can do it at home, why spending money?

Recycled Lamp using Balloons & lace

Need things for this Do decor:

Balloon or plastic ball (size of your choice)


White glue


Cable and socket

Steps:  Inflates the balloon until you have the size you want. In a bowl pour enough white glue to cover lace. With little white glue start arranging the lace at the bottom of the balloon and try to entangle the bottom of the surface (you can wear gloves). Do not forget to leave a space to blow the balloon. Let it get dried long enough. Arrange the plug and socket before arranging the lace.

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Using these Do decor options of recycled lamps that I shared, you can give a change to your room. Or can use these lamps  as a gift as well. They are inexpensive and can recycle material you have available. If you do any of these Do decor  crafts please send your photos to our social networks links.

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