Eye Makeup: Night makeup tips to wear different styles

For this holiday season there would definitely be going to held many dinners with families or friends. And you beyond doubt would love to look gorgeous among them. Don’t be worried more as I’m giving you numerous options. Yeah! options to wear Eye Makeup for these night dinners.

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Eye Makeup tips to wear different styles

Thickly delineate eyes using shadows


In this type of Eye Makeup, we usually use shades with light colors. The reason of it is, eyes are outlined at the bottom using very strong and thick eyeliner. This makeup is ideal for any formal event.

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Delineated feline flick Eyes Makeup


In this style shadows and outliner both participate actively. The resulting type of eyeliner makes your eyes look more elongated. Also,  gives a feline touch to your look. You can also use it with shadows that have a little shine.

Smoky eyes makeup


The smoky eyes trend has been in fashion for several years. This style looks great but you should be a little careful as it’s tough to blend dark shades well. But it’s sure you’ll look really cute with this style.

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Natural makeup of eyes


If you do not like to use such strong colors and have to attend an event in the evening. You can use these natural colors that should be lighter with neutral and mild eyeliner.

Glitter eye shadows


For these winter holidays, it’s a good idea to use a touch of sparkle to your shadows with the color you like. You would definitely rock the event with this very cute and dazzling appearance.

Wearing golden eye makeup


The golden shadows look great if used by the people with brown skin. Also, this makes them stand out more elegantly in party. You can use a light gold and a copper tone for an endearing effect.

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Coffee or brown tones of shadows


If you like coffee or brown tones you can go on with this option. All black should be the eyeliner if you prefer, use a dark brown, and do not forget to wear artificial eyelashes.

Eye makeup using contrasting colors


If you’re really daring and like to emphasize your look, this makeup is for you. Use clear and two contrasting dark or one dark and one light tone. Then blend them finely. You would definitely be the reason of attraction for everyone.

Makeup for your evening events will no longer be a problem with these easy and very nice options to highlight your eyes. Hurry up!! Pick up one and get ready for this evening event…

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