How to make omelette? Enjoy cheesy recipe for breakfast

How to make omelette, is the most common quarry asked by the people who don’t know how to cook. Typical omelettes may be appreciated, but when I tasted the wonderful omelette with caramelized onions my friend Zoi truly appreciated me. Afterwards she made this cheesy recipe of Omelet a considerable item of her weekly menu. She just mentioned Awww… Feeling great as it’s a lip smacking omelette with cheese.

So, I’m presenting my little experiment, a recipe of omelette with cheese. It’ll allows you to vary a bit from time to time and, by the way, will bring more nuance to the original recipe. It’s also a healthy recipe for children as breakfast. Let’s enjoy cheesy recipe and find the answer of how to make omelette..

How to make omelette? Enjoy cheesy recipe for breakfast

Ingredients for 4 people


5 or 6 medium potatoes,

2 small onions,

6 eggs,

Assorted cheeses (cheddar, emmental, havarti),

Olive Oil,

Salt and pepper

How to make omelette  with cheese?


The procedure for making an Omelet with cheese is very similar to a normal potato Omelet, so go on your personal method (everyone has its own) and add cheese to eggs before putting it to the pan. However, I’m telling you as I make, might be this recipe would replace your typical Omelet recipe.

First of all, take the potatoes. Do the wash it well, peel, dried them, cut into cubes (or slices), season with spices and let it to fry; I covered it with a lid over medium heat in a medium size skillet with oil (but not too much) for about 20 minutes.

Then peel the onions, cut them and put them to brown in another pan with a little oil. While the potatoes are done and the onions turned brown, beat the eggs in a bowl, and add the potatoes plus fried onions when ready, plus a little salt, pepper and, of course, crushed cheese.

Cheeses that are the most common to melt include (emmental, cheddar, havarti …), probably if you alter them with other cheeses taste may gets changed, but it’s all about experimenting until you find the one you like.

Finally, in a pan with some oil, add the mixture, which will cook over medium heat until browned on both sides, covered with lid or a plate that can be flip easily, and set fire depending on whether; it depends what you like; juicy (high heat to be done soon out) or rather dry (low heat, so it does not burn prematurely).

Processing time | 30 minutes

Difficulty | Easy

Yield | 4 persons

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