Easy steps of eye makeup for night parties

Eye makeup for night parties usually contains some glittering as well as sparkling. In my today’s article I’m sharing eye makeup for night parties; you just need to follow simple and easy steps. At night you can use the eye makeup in most striking ways. Do not be afraid and try to improve your eyes makeup by following this tutorial. We teach you how to give a dazzle look to your eye makeup for night parties. Here’s you go;

1. Stick a piece of removable tape and apply a base to eyelids.

eyemake-step1Before you begin, stick a piece of tape on the end of the eye so that the shadow does not fall on the cheeks or near eye area. Apply a base for lids and after applying base use some baby pink shade on it. Finally, use a silver shadow to extend the color.

2. Apply brown shadow on the outer area and outlines with a reddish hue

eyemake-step2Continue to apply a brown shade at the outer end and on the curvature of the eye. Try to use dark shades at the end and a shade that shines in the center of the eyelid. Then apply a shadow only slightly more reddish brown on curvature for a difference from skin tone, but shouldn’t be excessive. If you want, you can apply another shadow over the anterior of a more intense red.

3. Remove the tape and draw a black line on the lower eyelid

eyemake-step3Once you have finished applying the brown shadows, remove the tape and draw a black line on the lower eyelid with the pencil color. Then add a little black shadow above and blend gently until the outside of the eyelid blend smoothly.

4. A black line with eyeliner on the upper eyelid

eyemake-step4Continue to apply black eyeliner on the upper eyelid from the inner side towards the outer area. Then use beige waterproof pencil and underline eye. If you already have big eyes or do not like to give big eye effect, you can also apply in this area black pencil.

5. Add a bright shade of silver tone

eyemake-step5Apply a pre base on the eye shadow gently pat with your finger as not to remove the shadow. Immediately after applying pre-base, you need to use glitter. If there’s requirement, again apply black line with eyeliner.

6. Add a highlight color under the brow

eyemake-step6Apply a highlight color in the area under the eyebrow. Then add a little more till the inner side of eye. This effect will enhance the appearance of eyes and your eyes look more cheerful.

7. Use artificial eyelashes and apply mascara

eyemake-step7You can use artificial eyelashes and use mascara on the lashes. Preferably black, as it would give volume and length to lashes.

8. Use a soft lipstick or gloss on the lips

eye-makeup-finalFor lips you can use a lighter shade. This eye makeup is too flashy to wear red or dark tones. A bright pink or a natural tone can be perfect

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