Remove lice and nits: Extremely effective home remedies

With the return to school, the heads of the children often get the attack of lice. It is very common thing but parents must be careful to finish them as soon as possible and prevent this contagion to other children. In several pharmacies you can get effectual treatments to remove lice and nits but for health as well as wellness, try home remedies as these will not harm children.

Home remedies to remove lice and nits much more effective than highly toxic chemical option. I strongly encourage you try it, you will get rid of lice in one week, also you’ll be saved nourishment of hair.

Remedies to remove lice and nits

apple-cider-vinegarApply white vinegar

Boil white vinegar and cool slightly. Put the infected person kneeling in front of the tub with its head upside down and pour the warm vinegar over the entire scalp and hair. Warm vinegar should cover both the hair and scalp. Drain the hair and put plastic cap around the entire head, so that the smell of vinegar and action remain locked in your hair and not go outside. This method is used to kill lice. Let stand for 1 hour.

Apply olive oil

liceYou can also massage your scalp with extra virgin olive oil and cover the head with plastic cap for 1 hour, comb the hair from root to tip with a metal nit comb. When the time has elapsed, remove the plastic and rinse the hair. This method serves to loosen the nits, which really impossible to achieve with conventional chemicals. You will see how effective it is when loosen the nits. The oil makes the nits loosen to the hair, so get rid of them is much easier.

In addition, olive oil nourishes the hair and moisturizes deeply.

Applying a mixture of oils

mixture-of-oilMake a small oil mixture for later use, put a tablespoon of vegetable oil, coconut oil, add two drops of eucalyptus essential oil and two drops of essential oil of tea tree. Apply the mixture on the tips of the scalp along the hairline (ears, temples, forehead, and neck). This oil mixture is the most effective. This method serves to prevent infestation of any lice that may remain on scalp.

General tips to remove lice and nits

When someone in the house has lice, you should wash all clothing, sheets, towels or covers with very hot water that has been in contact with the affected person.

In times of lice, massage a mixture of coconut oil with eucalyptus oil and tea tree on the scalp of your child to prevent.

What other things can you use to remove lice and nits?

Coconut oil

coconut-oilThis oil is ideal for hydrating skin anywhere on the body. Use it as a moisturizer after bathing. The real coconut oil is solid at room temperature (except in summer when it is hot). In fact, many industrial cosmetics add small amounts of this product for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Lavender oil

Apply lavender oil on the affected scalp. You can find it at any herbalist, but make sure it’s pure lavender oil, without any mixing. Apply it at the roots; massage well.


Another infusion as effective and can kill lice plus nits, is the infusion of rosemary. Maybe you can have a pot of rosemary at home, which will be enough for you to create your infusion, also you can acquire effortlessly at health food stores, florists, etc.

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