Prevent eyeliner from smudging & smearing: Follow these tips…

The eyeliner is a cosmetic that helps ladies to frame the look of eyes and enhance its appearance. It makes eye beautiful either with a more natural look or a thicker and defined path. Eye makeup is the major element of makeup.  It offers ladies to be beautiful but some factors such as a poor use of eyeliner, bad quality of eyeliner, sweating or room temperature can ruin the eyemakeup. Also they lead to the appearance of spots, blackish skin, also unattractive look below the eyes. If you want perfect and flawless eyemakeup for longer, pay attention and follow the tips in this article. I’ll show you how to prevent eyeliner from smudging and smearing.

Prevent eyeliner from smudging & smearing: Follow these tips…


In order to prevent eyeliner from smudging, the eyeliner must be waterproof .Because it offers a much more durable look. Waterproof eyeliner is ideal to avoid smudging outline due to perspiration or moisture. Choose waterproof products of good quality and can keep your eye makeup intact virtually 24 hours a day.

eye_base_essentialExcess production of sebum or oil on the face is one of the main aspects that can make the eye liner easily run down. Wash your face and prepare the skin below your eyes before you start to outline to eyes. So to prevent eyeliner from smudging it is preferable to apply the eyeliner after unified skin tone with foundation and a translucent powder.

eye-makeup-prebaseA very valuable trick to prevent eyeliner from smudging, I mean preventing the outline of the upper eyelid to run out quickly, apply some eye shadow prebase or primer around the eyelid just before starting outline. With this product, get eye makeup to stay well secured and maintained in good condition for longer. Also you must apply the eyeliner always on top of the shadows, avoid using eyeliner before other steps.

Once you’ve outlined your eyes again you can also apply some translucent powder on eyeliner you’ve used. In case you do not have this powder, another great option is to seal the outline thereon by applying eye shadow of the same or a similar tone. To do so with excellent accuracy you need an angled brush. Try it and see how it works to prevent eyeliner from smudging.

black-perfect-eyelinerAnother technique to prevent eyeliner from smudging is that when applying concealer on the dark circles areas just leave free the areas where you have to apply the eyeliner. Then put a little translucent powder over the eyeliner to be fixed for good look and stay for longer.

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