DIY decoration ideas: Decorating umbrella, a way enjoying craft work

There loads of DIY decoration ideas come to mind while  start  crafts’ work.  You can also choose a modifying way like to give a change to a supplement that you  already have at  your home , o’yeah it’s recycling  craft. In this rainy season, you can choose umbrella for decoration.  In my today’s content  I’ll tell you  about  DIY decoration ideas.  O’yeah!  how to decorate an umbrella with paint or ornaments like beads, ribbons, lace, etc.

In the rain if you want to keep yourself dry; need to carry umbrella. An umbrella can put the touch of originality to a gray and rainy day, and for that you don’t need to invest money. Let’s recycle your old umbrella or those that you don’t like to carry with you.

DIY decoration ideas  to  decorate  umbrella

What you need for it

Color Spray


Textile markers




Satin ribbon

Decorate an umbrella with a bow and spray:

A simple loop and a sprig can give your umbrella one very special touch.


Step 1

The first step is to paint the umbrella with a little spray. Need to be in an open air else will get stains at home. We apply the silver spray with closed umbrella; in this way you’ll have different ways to open it.

Step 2

The next step is to decorate the umbrella grasping part. To do this, apply adhesive on the handle and be careful, now we will be setting a gold ribbon, meanwhile we will keep it spinning. We must ensure that the start of the loop is inside the handle. The piece of remaining ribbon should be cut down with a scissors.

Step 3

The next step is to glue a piece of lace around the edge of the umbrella. Instead of lace, we could stick anything we like as gold ribbon.

Step 4:

Finally, in addition to the lace, we also can decorate a colorful umbrella by putting some stones.

Decorate an umbrella with paint:

Have you bored with your umbrella but do not want to spend money buying you a new one? We have the solution; a little paint will be enough to completely change the look of that old umbrella and will give it a new and very modern look.

What you need to do?

Another option for decorating the umbrella is to paint fabric by keep it open using a marker for textile as well as permanent markers. You will get a chic look.

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