How to make eye-catching DIY gel candles

The DIY gel candles can be a great gift for anyone’s anniversary or birthday, even good for decorating in different corners of home. They are not difficult to do, but DIY gel candles are sophisticated enough; the steps for making DIY gel candles include simple techniques that must be taken into account for the gel to retain its transparency. Making DIY gel candles is an easy and fun craft that lets you work on pretty decorative items to brighten your rooms.


Due to their gentleness and warmth, the DIY gel candles are ideal for decorating wedding parties, whether used as centrepieces or as souvenirs to give to the guests. Techniques for making DIY gel candles are very simple, if you follow the Steps I’m going to mention. The secret to this technique is based on the choice of materials to use. If you do not put limits on your imagination, you can get stunning results. If you want to know how to make eye- catching DIY gel candles continue reading this content.


A glass, cup or glass container

Aromatic essences

Paraffin gel


Materials for decorating

Dried flowers

Dried fruit

Dried leaves


Decorative stones

Coloured sand



Step1. The first thing to do to prepare your DIY gel candles is choosing the glass container in which you want to put the gel. Note that the glass should be thick enough to hold the amount of gel you put. Once you have chosen the container clean it well and let it dry.

Step2. Put the wick in the bottom of your cup and fix it to the base of the glass/container with hot melted glue.

Step3. Once the upper step is done, place the materials (dried leaves, dried flowers, dried fruit or any object) you’ve chosen to decorate inside the container.

Step4. The next step is to melt the gel wax/paraffin; for this put it into a saucepan and bring to heat. This type of wax melts at 200 degrees, so it is recommended to use a food thermometer to make sure the wax has melted completely.

Step5. Once gel wax is melted, adds fragrance that you like.  This is the time, too, for adding liquid dye/glitter in case you want to make a gel candle Coloured/glittery.

Step6. Now pour the melted paraffin/wax into your container with care, put thread and allow solidifying.

Remember: Be careful with melted wax, as it can cause dangerous burns. Protect yourself with the right material and try to help someone else at the time of pouring the wax into the container.

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