The 10 Commandments Of A Female Boss #GirlBoss


1. Ambition 

To be a girl boss you must have ambitious goals. Whether it’s about continuing your education, climbing the corporate ladder, or starting your own business, you must have the ambition of achieving higher heights and higher successes. A girl boss is not lazy, fearful, or complacent, but rather ambitious, goal-oriented, and ready to conquer the world, one checklist at a time.

2. Employment 

A girl boss doesn’t lay around all day and files her nails waiting to be saved because she has a job! Whether it’s about working for a company or working for herself, she has a place that needs her presence every morning. She creates her own opportunities by working hard and finding them.

3. Appearance 

A real female boss understands what you wear does not define you as a person, but it is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you want to be taken seriously and to be respected, you have to master your appearance. Put more effort in your mornings and make minor tweaks in your wardrobe so you can make great first impressions.

4. Health 

If you want to live an eventful lifestyle that can be fast-paced or demanding, you need to make sure you are physically and mentally healthy. This means, eating healthy and working out. Also, reading books and meditating will center you and make you mentally stronger.

5. Knowledge 

A girl boss has to be knowledgable, meaning, well versed in at least one subject, up to date on current event topics like politics and has different skill sets. Being knowledgable makes good impressions, great for conversations, connecting with coworkers, friends, and families, and building rapport with people who share similar interests to you. A female boss isn’t vapid and has better things to talk about than gossip or drama.

6. Financially Smart 

Like Sophia Amorusa (founder of NastyGyal) said, “money looks better in the bank than on your feet.” A female boss knows to live within her means. Credit cards blow, cash is king, and investing back in your business is the right thing. Creating monthly budgets and saving a portion of your earnings will put you in a good spot financially and can open many doors for you. Always find a way to cut corners and save, don’t be that girl who has a $2,000 handbag with only $20 in her bank account. A female boss knows the difference between an asset and a liability.

7. Self-Confident 

A female boss works hard every day at building her self-confidence.

Self-confidence is an attitude that you hold about yourself, and if you have good attitudes about yourself it will allow you to move forward and achieve your goals without self-doubt, nervousness, and insecurities. Girl bosses get their confidence from knowing what they’re good at, the values they provide and knowing their self-worth. A confident girl boss is not afraid to be herself and does not have self-limiting beliefs that she’s not capable of getting shit done because she takes risks and always bets on herself.

8. Happiness 

Some people believe happiness will come to them or a relationship will give them happiness, but girl bosses understand that you must cultivate your own happiness and that you must create a lifestyle that will bring you happiness. Every day you have an opportunity to be happy, so don’t let things cause you to be down or upset. And when you do have those days you’re feeling blue or uninspired, find what excites you and do it. Being happy makes us become more creative, energetic, and more fun to be around.

9. Support System 

Have you noticed when meeting a successful girl boss, she tends to be friends with other successful girl bosses? That’s because girl bosses travel through life with those who are likeminded. To get through school, work, or business, you have to have a support system in place, whether its friends, family, partner or mentor. Having a support system gives you structure, stability, and strength. Make sure to spend your valuable time with people who are loving, nurturing, motivating, and most importantly, supportive.

10.  Independence 

And lastly, a female boss is independent and does not rely on anyone else, but herself.

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