What is Argan oil, how it’s beneficial for health & beauty?

What is Argan oil?

The argan oil is obtained from a argan tree, which is found in Morocco and Mexico, and is characterized by a period of slow growth (in fact, takes to give its first fruit about 6 years on average). The oil is known as gold of Morocco, due to its high price. It’s benefits are amazing for the skin.

Types of Argan oil

There are two types of Argan oil:  Argan oil itself naturally, and a variation of traditional Berber origin, which is obtained by cold pressed from toasted seeds (which collection is handmade and is used mainly in the kitchen).

The oil Argan is a true gem for face care, hair, nails as well as body. It is unique oil if you want to know more about this wonderful oil, also if you want to know why it’s considered a gem for you, read the following benefits of Argan oil.

Benefits of Argan oil for health & skin

8. Removes scars

This oil helps eliminate those scars caused by acne because it composed a good amount of phytosterols that eradicate acne scars.   Also it is an excellent exfoliant.

7. Moisturizer

One of the properties of this  oil   is its high content of vitamin E, which as a humectant, helps prevent the signs of aging.

6. Avoid cholesterol

Argan oil contains no cholesterol and has monounsaturated acids such as oleic acid, which helps to precisely reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body. However it’s excellent for heart patient.

5. Anticancer properties

The oil can be consumed in foods and essential oils and acts as vitamins function since do protection against free radicals; these free radicals are harmful as they lead the cell to precisely potential enablers to develop cancer.

4. Take care of your hair

This oil also helps keep your hair in good condition, just need to apply it all over your scalp as well as over hair by dividing it into parts and do cover with a hair cap and leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse the hair with normal shampoo and the results would be amazing in the form of silky, shiny hair.

3. Regenerator

Argan oil is an excellent regenerator, either you can apply directly to the skin or ingested in small doses (a couple of teaspoons a day), because it is a great source of antioxidants.

2. Fight Wrinkles

A few drops of this oil can do almost miracles leaving the skin smooth and nourished. You can apply a few drops directly on your skin or put some in your moisturizer.

1. Take care of your nails

Argan oil is very good for your brittle nails or if your nails have a yellowish color, you just need to mix some of this oil with lemon, apply with a brush on your nails twice a week and see how it changes the condition of your nails.

Argan oil is perfect for all if you do not use even dare to try it and tell us about your experience with it. You will also be surprised with its amazing results.

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