Trendy clothing n dresses: How to look trendy wearing a blazer?

Pick up a blazer and get very different styles is not a tough task.   But sometimes we want a fairly classic and sober look by  trendy clothing n dresses .  The  same way, women  find  picking a blazer a tough job.  However, here I’m sharing how to choose it to wear with different style dresses and accessories. Also,  how  you can get more informal and modern look wearing  trendy clothing n dresses. I will tell you about very elegant as well as classy look via blazers. Here you go.

Trendy clothing n dresses  with  blazers

1: Want an elegant and sophisticated look


I start combining dress with navy blazer. I want you to choose white trousers for navy blazer.   These are two colors that contrast sharply but nevertheless combine well. The blue and white contrast give you a look with a maritime feel, although this is often known as winter look.    You can dress up this contrast if you want a perfect outfit for a date near the sea in winter. Other accessories are also crucial, so I’ve chosen some earrings, a watch and a backpack bag set. A bit high heels navy blue boots will go perfect with white trousers. Do you like this first scheme?

2: Casual Look for day to day


Combining a blazer with casual wear is not outrage. Sometimes we tag casual look with elegant clothes alone, but it is not. See this mentioned combination as khaki blazer + jeans + basic gray shirt. A very basic look with all supplements ends up being a contemporary look, casual but worth a million. If you combine it with more sneakers get this sporty style so comfortable to  wear  in the city as formal.

3: Amazing look with gray + a touch of color


Personally I love this look. It is pretty winter. By  wearing   this blazer that goes a little more traditional and classic, you will get amazing look. Get a style that might seem full  on the streets as style of celebrities, but has a more sophisticated point. The touches of red on the mobile case, lipstick and wristwatch are a delicacy. Hope you will love combination of a blazer with hot red color?

4: Look glamorous in  shorts


You can combine a blazer with shorts, dresses, skirts or pants. This time I want to suggest you shorts with blazers.    This look is very fashionable plus trendy, also amazingly brings a touch of glamour to your outfit. Averages of people don’t step out with bare legs, however use legging.    You can adopt this look to attend a cocktail or an evening party. You will look simple but cute and sexy. Pick up gold accents and pearl earrings to match the shirt plus bit high heels shoes are fine and gives elegant touch.

5: Opt for mustard blazer


Blazer of mustard color if combines with a black legging looks dashing, also it’s a color of the season as winter. Mustard color blends well with black, beige and brown, so these are the 3 colors chosen to complete this outfit. It’s a quite formal outfit but gives startling personality look. Do you like it?

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