How jeans and shoes varies? Learn perfect combination

All we have in the closet at least a pair of jeans and shoes but mostly we are used to wear casual  trousers or slippers. Jeans, also known as pants are not only the most popular in old age women but also used by boys and girls for its comfort, versatility. And of course, they have always been part of the fashion icons.

If you were worried or concerned to know ‘which shoes should I wear with jeans’, today I will tell you about perfect jeans and shoes combination. You’ll learn some tips about straight, flared, boot cut or skinny jeans and how to wear the shoes correctly to go stylish at work or any other occasion.

Jeans and shoes, dressing perfect combination

Jeans with sandals

On sunny day or in heating season we want get those sandals with a little heel (or a lot). I’ll recommend to wear it as sandals with heel look great with some folded jeans, also if you want some importance or want to get a highlight look.

Jeans with boots

Some simple girls and more natural like to go comfortable; combining jeans with boots give impressive and very casual look (and sometimes biker rebel). If you combine a black leather vest going to be great! Or if you want a more formal style, match it with maxi plus leather or stylish handbag that will give you stylish and sophisticated touch.

Straight jeans

If you want to combine your shoes with straight jeans, you can use Stiletto heel, if it’s not your taste, your favorite sandals combine well with this jean. But that’s not all; remember that this is the type of jean that combines better with boots or heels. If the situation is much more casual or are looking for a scruffy look, do not forget a pair of inseparable and comfortable sneakers, preferably avoid light colors. This outfit is ideal with jeans to go to college. Although some girls tell us that this appearance also looks divine with sandals.

Skinny jeans

If you want to use shoes with skinny jeans, the first and most sexy alternative is Stiletto with its taco needle also will shape your figure and make you look extremely sexy. If you are not fond of these shoes, do not worry, there are other alternatives to use. For example, the boots due to the style of your jeans, these boots necessarily be heeled and flat boots are not recommended. Do not forget to buy good quality shoes as some low quality boots easily get worn out. However, if there’s summer and you want more casual look, some nice sandals combine perfectly.

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