Red lipstick and Eye makeup: How to contrast perfectly?

Red lipsticks have the power to turn the most timid woman into queen of confidence and that is enough to apply this “magic color” to feel unique. Red lips for a black dress look classic plus flattering for all. However, many women are wondering about Red lipstick and Eye makeup as what kind of eye makeup can match with red lipstick, wishing to avoid overloading their appearance. While the general rule for Red lipstick and Eye makeup, is to keep your eye makeup simple when wearing red lips, you can modernize, become a vampire or go wild.

Red lipstick and Eye makeup: How to contrast perfectly?

The red lipstick is fabulous to stand out in parties. If you want to get a beautiful shade of red, dare it! Just make sure the rest of your makeup is suitable to your appearance. Since red is a very bold color, though your eye makeup should be a little more simple. First and foremost, you must ensure that your skin tone complements to red tone you have chosen. Interestingly, experts say red lip goes stunning with fair skin. After choosing red lips, you need to select a proper makeup for eyes, here are few suggestions for Red lipstick and Eye makeup as how to wear eye makeup whilst wearing red lips.

Only wear heavy Black Mascara & Eyeliner

wear-heavy-black-mascara-eyelinerIf you wear red lips, stay away from bright shades of color on the eyes. Instead keep them nearly simple and shoot your look with much black mascara. Outline the eyes with black eyeliner if you want. If you intend to use an evening look, wear black mascara with neutral shades. If during the day, use mascara that is according to your hair tone or a shade of brown.

Make your eyes little glittery

make-your-eyes-little-glitterA softly glowing eye goes well if pair with red lips. Just make sure you stick to the neutral colors as pearls and gold. Do not use an extremely metallic color this time. Instead, use the subtle bright tones. Apply them on the eyelid. If you want some contrast, put a little coffee color in the smooth way near brow bone or upper crease. Just make sure your shadow mix well with glitters. Your appearance will be classic with this makeup contrast.

Subtle cat eyes

subtle-cat-eyeGet the elegance of old Hollywood with this style. Combine your red lips with black cat eyes. Just be sure to make them a bit more subtle so that your appearance can’t be too overwhelming. Use a pencil or with liquid eyeliner to create this style. Begin the line on the inner corner of the eye; gently move your hand up to create the winged effect. Top with mascara to finish the look.

More vivid

more-vividIf you use your perfect shade of red lips but still want glamorous eyes, it’s possible to carry it out. Just be careful. If you want to give dramatic appearance to your eyes, stick to soft shadows along with the contrasting of dark shades near eyebrow area, blend it well little outside using medium size brush and you’ll be ready to go. So whenever you go out with your friends to dance or a party, always support a vivid style.

Smoky eyes

smokey-eyesSexiest smoky eyes or dramatic wings style eyeliner with red lips, create a dramatic effect. For a smoky eye, try dark brown or gray glittery shadow with a Black liner slightly blur in both lash lines. Keep relatively light shadows when combines with dramatic wing eyeliner. Choose either a smoky eye or wing eyeliner, if you do both at the same time can look much overloaded.

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