Wearing Black on wedding, hit fashion of this season

There was a time when wearing Black on wedding ceremony was considered a bad omen, even if the bride wore it. However fashion trends of these days have changed completely and now people happily accept what was considered taboo once. Therefore, black is now deemed as a classic, stylish and fashionable colour for an attire that is ideal to dress up not only in formal events, but in weddings as well. So, do not care about condescending stares or amused expressions wearing Black on weddings because it means such people are not familiar with the latest trends. However, if you are still baffled wearing Black on wedding then consult this guide. Consider the following steps if you ready wearing Black on wedding;

Wearing Black on wedding, hit fashion of this season

Ask the Bride!

wedding-blackIf you are a bride’s friend and want to wear black to her wedding but are unsure whether she would like it or not, then the best option is to ask her opinion. If the bride thinks it’s okay wearing Black on wedding then go for it otherwise think of some other color to wear. After all, it is her special day.

Black Accessories

If you cannot wear a black outfit then wear black accessories with a colourful dress. The accessory can either be a belt, scarf or a tie. Wearing black accessories to a wedding not only look appropriate, but they also give a nice impression.

Colourful Accessories

You can also wear colourful accessories with black attire. A colourful scarf or belt will go well with a black suit, as it adds colour – softens the black and looks incredibly chic too. Colourful shoes also minimize the effect of black. Other options include black suits with strips and polka dots. You can also dye a beautiful hair colour with black dress.

Wear Jewellery According to the Dress

Ensure that the jewellery you wear must compliment your black dress; otherwise it will look pretty odd. It’s advised to wear diamond jewellery if you can afford.

Take Opinion

However, if you are still confused and do not know how to wear black to a wedding then take opinions from your family members or friends about a black outfit. If you get lot of objection then try considering different clothes, but bear in mind that wearing Black on wedding is fashion of this season.

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