Easy DIYs color changing coffee mugs: Step by step instructions

People often search for something special if they have to decide about present. They think what they should present to someone on birthday or some other event. It’s not more a tough task as I’ll give you some creative ideas. Yeah! I’ll teach you how to make DIYs color changing coffee mugs. You can make just by following easy step by step instructions.

You can paint some pictures, icons or some love symbols on mugs. It depends to whom you want to give present. For children you can paint some cartoon character. For love birds paint some hearts or love symbols using love colors. For siblings paint some quote or faces. Let’s review these DIY projects step by step.

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Easy DIYs color changing coffee mugs

Step # 1 Do it yourself mugs

DIYs color changing coffee mugs1

Making DIYs color changing coffee mugs is not a tough task. You need an internet connection and a device to find out an 8-bit design. You can search on google.com for any design or icon of your choice. Then print it out to get on the mug.

Step # 2 Do it yourself mugs

DIYs color changing coffee mugs2

Now cut out the printed image. Outline the shape on your mug using the cut stencil. If you are enough drawing expert can make a shape on mug yourself. Or you can also use free hand just cartoon like image.

Step # 3 Do it yourself mugs

DIYs color changing coffee mugs3

You need to buy a porcelain marker. If you don’t have a nearby stationary store, can buy it online. Aliexpress.com is an online shopping website, provides material for cheap. Outline the heart shape using porcelain marker.

Step # 4 Do it yourself mugs

DIYs color changing coffee mugs4

Once you are done with drawing and shading the black outlines, grab some porcelain paint. You can buy it from any craft shop. Or you can also order online on ebay.com. Take some red porcelain paint and fill the heart using this color.

Step # 5 Do it yourself mugs

Follow the instructions on the porcelain paint or markers. If there’s written “bake the mugs to seal the design”, follow the instructions. Use porcelain paints or markers freely. If some mistake is made you can clean it up using alcohol.

Step # 6 Do it yourself mugs

DIYs color changing coffee mugs6

It’s very important step to make DIYs color changing coffee mugs. Grab some heat sensitive pigment and ceramic varnish for the color changing effect. To buy online you can order at paintwithpearl.com.

What are heat sensitive pigments?

They are also known as temperature changing paints or Thermochromic Pigment. These are paints that change their colors as the temperature rises to demonstrate what’s underneath.

Add a little bit of Thermochromic pigment and ceramic varnish. Now mix them well for a smooth mixture. Make sure it’s pretty opaque but not too thick.

Step # 7 Do it yourself mugs

DIYs color changing coffee mugs7

Now paint the red painted area using this solution. You have to apply two thin coats. Now let it dry for ten hours.

DIYs color changing coffee mugs8

The red effect obviously is not permanent. It goes back to black once the DIYs color changing coffee mugs completely cool down. It can take like 20 minutes. And you can also pour some cold water to fasten this process.
Here’s the video to follow the instructions in better way.

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