Don’t overlook these features when shopping for a cashmere sweater

The great thing about a cashmere sweater is that you can wear it any time of the year. A 2-ply Scottish yarn sweater is thin enough to keep you comfortable during spring or summer. To stay warm during the heart of winter, the type of winter that parts of the United States West, Midwest, and Northeast are expected to experience, look for a cashmere sweater that’s made with 4-ply Scottish yarn.

Besides the finest wool sweaters, cashmere is one of the top qualities sweaters on the market. Unlike wool sweaters, cashmere sweaters aren’t itchy. When choosing a cashmere sweater, pay attention to features like the patterns the clothes are made in. For example, there are cable patterns, braided patterns, plain patterns, and argyle patterns. Sweaters designed with argyle patterns have alternating diamond shapes on them.

Although cashmere sweaters come in a diverse range of styles, you might find yourself moving towards one to two styles the most. Both women’s and men’s sweaters come in traditional v-neck, broad v-neck, turtleneck, block crew, cardigan, and vests styles. A block crew cashmere sweater is made with 2-ply Scottish yarn and metallic lurex.

Textured panels in the sweater form a single diamond shape at the front and back. Designers make the sweaters in blues and charcoal/grays. These sweaters cover the arms fully; they also reach down to the bottom of the waist. Another block neck cashmere sweater is the seamed trapeze sweater.

Made with 4-ply Scottish yarn, the sweater blends tonal colors. In fact, it marled the colors together, adding depth. There’s a single seam at the front and back middle of the sweater. The dropped armhole gives the sweater a boxed shape. Bracelet sleeves make it easy for women to spotlight jewelry and other wrist accessories.

Regarding ply – it’s another feature of a great sweater to examine. The fewer numbers of ply in the thread, the less thick the sweater, causing the sweater to offer less insulation during winter. It can take hair from several Kashmir goats to make a large 4-ply sweater. This is a reason why some of these sweaters cost several hundred dollars.

While you’re shopping for a cashmere sweater, it is advised that you check the labels. “The Federal Trade Commission mandates that cashmere products be accurately labeled. Only pure cashmere sweaters can be labeled “100 Percent Cashmere.” If the sweater is a blend, the manufacturer is required to state the percentage of cashmere and the percentage of other fibers. If you don’t see a tag indicating the fiber content, walk away.” According to Kathleen Raub, a member of the Scottish Cashmere Club, it’s also a good idea to check how tight the knit is. Kathleen is reported as saying, “The looser the cashmere is woven or knitted, the more suspicious you need to be.”

Of all the features to measure when shopping or a cashmere sweater to wear during winter is how the sweater feels against your skin. Generally, these sweaters are soft and luxurious. They don’t itch your skin the way a sweater made with a small amount of wool.

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