Top 10 Tools For Maintaining Your Garden

Garden tools have been used throughout history and, although today’s gardeners use more sophisticated equipment, tools used now perform the same functions as they have for centuries.

  1. A rake is used to remove garden debris and leaves from lawns and flower beds. When selecting a rake remember wooden handles are likely to last longer than plastic.
  2. A lawn rake is a vital piece of equipment. These tools have large more flexible heads than normal rakes and are used to scarify a lawn – in other words, to get rid of moss and dead grass in order to “green up” a lawn to create a good appearance.
  3. A spade is for digging large holes when planting trees or building walls. Solid steel will not bend and a good grip on a handle is necessary too. There needs to be a large area on the shovel head to assist deep digging.
  4. There are various types of pruning shears, some with long handles to reach high branches. Rose bushes can be trimmed as can be branches of trees. It is advisable to invest in high-quality shears as they will be in frequent use.
  5. A trowel is really a small shovel used to dig the earth in order to plant flowers for different occasions such as birthday flowers.
  6. A hard fork is often purchased at the same time as the trowel. When planting flower or vegetable seeds the ground needs to be free of weeds and stones in order to create a good environment for the seeds to germinate. Seeds are a great way to fill the garden with color and to provide flowers for all occasions. The blooms can make wonderful birthday flowers and are a charming gift. Even Mother’s day flowers can be grown in a garden and will cost a fraction of those bought in a shop as the price will include flower delivery.
  7. Every garden needs a wheelbarrow to transport garden materials from one part of the garden to another. Investment in a wheelbarrow means a lot of time and effort will be saved when gardening, particularly when going to the compost heap.
  8. A watering can is a must as plants need to be well watered particularly just after they have been put into the ground. A separate head (called a “rose”) is used for fine watering. Plants will die if left without water for any length of time and when it comes to flower delivery UK shop owners will tell you how vital watering is to their stock.
  9. A kneeling mat is a must for any gardener as it prevents discomfort when planting in low beds. These are normally made of foam rubber but a gardener can improvise and make his own out of an old cushion or even newspaper. A kneeling mat is an excellent gift for a gardener alongside birthday flowers or Mother’s day flowers.

Rubbish can be put into a garden bag which is normally made of green plastic and has two handles. These can be used time and time again and are invaluable when weeding.

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