Tmore Eyelashes-Enhancer Serum: How Eyelash enhancer helps growing lashes?

People say the eyes are like windows. It is through these striking eyes women look much stunning, attractive and beautiful. For many women, through the years, it has become very meticulous to embellish their eyelashes. They get beautiful  lashes by wearing more makeup or use eyelash enhancer.

Still this era most women are very picky about enhancing their lashes. Some women tend to grow their lashes without caring about any risk, which leading to have eyelashes burned. So don’t be worried more about enhancing your eyelashes. As today I’m discussing something amazing that can enhance your lashes and make them thick without any side-effects.

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Eyelash enhancer to get beautiful lashes

Indeed, a wide variety of eyelash enhancers on the market is available to choose from. But among them, in order to distinguish what is considered the best enhancer of lashes is by examining the content.

It is considered that the best eyelash enhancer is best if it contains the following ingredients:

  • Beta Carotene
  • Vitamin C, an antioxidant
  • Vitamin E, which is good for regeneration

These essential ingredients surely allow the eyelash growth to accelerate. They also make them grow thicker, longer, and darker, enhancing facial beauty even more. Significant results can be achieved with the help of natural Eyelash enhancers. Because you’ll find no occurrence of any potential side effects.


Other ingredients of Eyelash enhancer

Apart from the three main ingredients, the best Eyelash enhancers must also contain the following inactive ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid, which stimulates blood vessels and helps to grow eyelashes longer
  • Provitamin B5, which enhances the durability of lashes
  • Biotin, which helps in strengthening eyelashes, protects against unexpected breakage, and increases the elasticity of the hair cortex

In some cases, some products may contain prostaglandin which also helps in making eyelashes grow thicker and longer. This is especially effective in treating patients suffering from glaucoma; however, it can sometimes offer complications if used for too long, such as blood pressure reduction around the eyes and cause a bluish around them.


In order to ensure that it is considered as the best eyelash enhancer must be:

  • Contact Lense-Friendly
  • Is able to repair the damage
  • Improve durability and elasticity eyelashes

Let’s discuss about Tmore Eyelashes-Enhancer Serum


Tmore Eyelashes-Enhancer Serum naturally makes eyelashes grow longer, thicker and darker. Usually, users can have effects within 7 days, without any side effects.

How to Use:

2-3 times a day is recommended, and don’t use for too much time. It does appear like Mascara. It’s made up of natural ingredients and waterproof.






It’s available in 4 ml tube; a tube can be used for about 25-30 days.

Advantage:  Curling, Thick, Elongation, Moisturizer, Fast / Quick Dry, Natural, etc etc..

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