Healthy skin care tips for shining, glowing, healthier skin

Are you dreaming of shining, glowing, healthier skin? Here, I have some natural & healthy skin care tips for you. Some tips that will help you achieve your goal keeping skin young, healthy, fresh and glowing.

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Healthy skin care tips

1- Drink lots of filtered water: Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses a day and may even need more during hot days or while you do exercise. The correct quantity of water is necessary to maintain your skin’s health. Keep it moist and detoxification through the kidneys and colon. It is advisable to start the morning with 2 cups of water at room temperature.

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2- Include in your menu a lot of fiber: Fibers cause irregular bowel movements and increase the utilization of waste products produce in our body. Some people with skin problems have constipation because they do not feed themselves with good sources of fiber.

3- Consume foods contain antioxidants: Make sure your diet contains a lot of antioxidants (which help slow the aging of cells). Walnuts and raisins are the best source of natural plant antioxidants.

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4- Keep the correct food combinations. Eat protein and carbohydrates as separate meals. However, you can avoid fermentation and putrefaction in the colon. Also, it’ll increase the absorption of the material in the blood.

5- Consume good fats: While bad fats harmful to your body but essential fatty acids (good fats) are essential for healthy skin. You can get them from whole grains, seeds, nuts, soybeans, vegetables with dark green leaves, cold-pressed oils (especially olive oil). Also, eat fish like North Sea mackerel fish and Salmon.

6- Don’t take much  alcohol & caffeine: One of the important & healthy skin care tips  is, avoid excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol. As they draw moisture from your bodyFor every cup of coffee, or a drink with caffeine drink 2 glasses of water.

7- Reduce your salt intake: Excess sodium leads to swelling in the skin and edema. Try celery seeds, sea vegetables, salt-free soy sauce, or one of many salt-free natural substitutes. Also avoid spicy foods as much as possible. Really this tip  works.

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8- Reduce junk foods. The worst are red meat, dairy, white flour, processed foods, fried foods and foods that contain fat or saturated fats.

9- Acne:  Even though these usually appear as a teenager, but also quite common among adults. Usually it is due to hormonal imbalance that makes the sebaceous glands to increase fatty provision. But acne can also result from poor nutrition. Severe acne result due to inadequate disposal of waste and internal organs due to eating high-fat foods and industrial food. By drinking lots of fresh vegetable juices especially carrots, lettuce, celery and parsley you can get clear skin. You should also include vegetables and whole grains in lunch and dinner. Especially add leafy greens, cream and camel milk soup. Such foods help greatly to reduce inflammation. Also add carrots, brown rice, millet, bean sprouts as they heal the wounds.

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10- Visit a dermatologist: It is important to follow up all healthy skin care tips  with a dermatologist, especially for those who are at risk.

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