This hair spa at home will give you effective results

Home “spa” method offers an effective treatment for damage and dull hair. Today, I’m sharing complete procedure of effective hair spa at home. This method will moisturize and restructure the hair fiber, leave hair hydrated and manageable. This hair spa at home will give your hair super shine, vitality and spontaneity, which you have lost with the passage of time or due to the usage of dyes or chemicals that had damaged your hair. I recommended this treatment weekly, usually on Sundays, and to start the week with a shiny and rejuvenated hair look.

Expensive spa treatments never let the females to fulfill their dreams of soft, silky and smooth hair. All those who are interested in transforming their damage hair into manageable, shine hair, can get great hair spa at home. Home hair spa is not a cost-effective way but a natural way to care for your hair. All you need is, the basic ingredients, and you can make your hair shiny, glossy and presentable. We have a treasure of effective recipes and options based on natural herbs that make excellent products for hair care. Today I’m going to reveal these recipes’ secrets.

Let’s start this hair spa at home… By experiencing this you’ll definitely get positive results.

Step 1. Scalp massage

Oiling is very important because it creates moisture in the hair. It also penetrates in the roots of your hair, making them strong, preventing hair loss, damage and split ends. Massage the oil to the roots in a gently circular motion.

hair spa at home

Step 2. Hair steaming

hair spa at home

Step 3. Shampoo the hair

Do not use shampoo for your hair containing harsh chemicals, also do not use too much shampoo, it can make your hair drier. Always use warm water as hot water can damage your hair.

Here’s the recipe of herbal or homemade shampoo.

hair spa at home

Step 4. Apply conditioner

Conditioning is the next step for healthy hair. After shampooing, be sure to use a good conditioner. Apply on the hair to the tips.

hair spa at home

Step 5. Rinse off

hair spa at home

Step 6. Apply hair mask

For best results, you need to apply a hair mask that retains moisture and softness your hair. You can use this mask weekly or whenever you want to super shine beautiful hair.

hair spa at home

Step 7. Hair spa at home

hair spa at home

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