Wearing multiple rings is most adopted trend of 2015

trend2015The ring is an important element for a wardrobe of women. It is also a reflection of the personality as well as style of a person. I have confessed a certain charm for those hands adorned with multiple rings, whether those are made up of diamond, gold, silver or metal. Lately the trend of wearing multiple rings on hands has been growing speedily, as rings always been a mandatory accessory for fashionistas. But now these are not limited to one or two, but ladies like Wearing multiple rings (5 to 6 rings) together even more than 8. They can be simple rings, stone rings, either of single colours or multiple. These are everyone’s favorites, but wearing multiple rings with different styles, make the trend more bizarre.

Wearing multiple rings is most adopted trend of 2015

multiple-ringsThe fashion of wearing multiple rings, is a trend that comes and goes, it’s not really new, and there are people who always use them well, but since late this year we have seen on the runways, editors, models, photographers with multiple rings in hands, instead all are involved in fashion era. This is a tip of fashion, just get multiple rings that resemble each other and use them all together, or if you like less simple, use stone rings in different fingers with changed style. Another tip is use two rings in one finger, you can be a little annoying if you’re not used to wearing multiple rings in daily routine. But if you start using regularly in this way, the rings will help “raise” your outfit, give it a different and chic look.

3ringsRings, you can wear maximum four to five in one hand, also two to three in one finger, even can use a herd. But we are in full fashion revival, and now is a tendency to use them all at once, mixing shapes and sizes. It’s great to discover trends that are available to us without going to the market to meet them and adopt them. Also in this case probably all you need at home to follow the trend. What you need is to buy multiple rings and what you have to do is wear a few on each finger. They can also be fine and if you put several or one on each finger, also include in fashion as it depends on your taste.

several-finite-rings-of-different-reasonsThe leading designer-modes again have a preference for diversity. On the fingers of the Models at the spring / winter fashion shows in 2015, they presented exclusive rings sets in a blaze of colour that fascinated by their variety and opulence. The latest accessories for women for the coming season are unusual rings and bracelets in boho chic style, the one about and multiple next to each other may. Everything is allowed, anything goes.

several-finite-ringsThis trend is very nice when several finite rings of different style plus shapes, is used to wear in all fingers, give stunning look of fashion.

For being a little more dynamic in your style of hands, you can mix rings of different thicknesses. If these all are of the same metal, would be better.

mix-with-stonesMix rings with stones or ornaments though, no more than two pieces in each hand also give an elegant appearance.

Wearing multiple rings with elegant style as well as designs, sometime a special sign or skin design of any animal is trendy. In olden years I remember women used to wear several rings on each hand, and combine much these finite rings to bring them together. Here some images, not of those years, but inspiring for me to take a look.


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