How Working Women Can Boost Up Their Mental Health

Women’s health often takes a back seat because of their too busy routine. Working women are busier than non-working ones. Researches have shown that women need extra nutrition and care especially after 30. Women suffer from anxiety, depression, osteoporosis weight gain, and weakness if they do not care for themselves. Working women are more prone to all these ailments because of their carelessness about their own health. But we all should remember that women health matters a lot for a happy family and a better future. For working women, time is a major issue and they have to manage between work and home. Here are a few useful tips which will help them to stay fresh and to calm down while doing all the chores.

Easy tips for working women

Have morning walk:

Spending 30 minutes daily in the morning for a walk will do magic for you. Morning walk has many physical benefits which in turn affects your mental health. Your blood circulation will increase and muscle tension will reduce. Your body will receive more oxygen good for keeping your metabolism fit. With these benefits, you will be in pink of your health even while working both at home and office.


It is one of the best things to enhance your mental energy. Sit at the side somewhere in your home or outside at your favorite place. Close your eyes and observe your heart beat. Simply note your beat and talk to yourself. You will feel as if the burden is falling away from your shoulders. Do this once a week and stay calm, relaxed and happy.

Delight your brain with colors:

Colors are a very important part of human life. They have a deep impact on our psychology. If you keep colorful things in your surroundings you will feel comfortable and relaxed. For example, you can keep beautiful and colorful paintings at your desk in the office and paint your walls in relaxing colors in your home. One of my colleagues hangs large canvas prints of beautiful landscapes to keep herself cool at the workplace. Similarly, you can also print your favorite scenery which makes you smile when you look at that. It is really an interesting thing to do and it will work for you greatly.

Do not discuss official things at home:

Your time is precious and you should not waste your family time in official discussions. Keep your office away from home. Discussing the problems of office at home will make you tensed and worried and you cannot enjoy your time with family. It’s better not to talk about office worries at home.

Never skip your breakfast:

Calories taken in the morning will keep you fresh all day. If you have taken fibers in the morning you will feel less hunger in the afternoon and you will avoid any kind of snacks. This will help you to maintain your weight and staying active. Take quick breakfasts like cereals, oatmeal, juices, and boiled eggs to keep your metabolism active throughout the day.

Take a good nap:

Having good sleep is everything working women needs. You should have good sleep at night to stay fresh for the next day. Seven hours of sleep will not only make you live longer but also reduce your stress and sharpens your memory.

I hope all ladies who are out in their offices will follow these tips to keep them in good mental health.

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