Melon, delicious, healthy seasonal fruit

Take advantage of these summer months to eat much melon fruit with high water content, vitamins, and antioxidants.

How Melon is a healthy seasonal fruit

In the months of summer, the melon is postulated as one of the tastiest and healthiest fruits of this time. Although its season starts in May and ends in September; yet it also can be found throughout the year at exorbitant prices. Since in July it is richer in taste so more ‘enjoyable.’   And loads of people love to eat it, but not all. Also, melons are an inexhaustible source of vitamins and antioxidants that strengthen the defenses. One thing to note is that 100 grams of melon not only provides more than half of the vitamin C but also contains vitamin A and K, however, recommended to eat daily.

Clearly, its character meets reality. But the reality goes far beyond vitamins because the melon also has a high water content of about 90%. This prepares the body for a great diuretic action that helps prevent fluid retention. And it helps to stay hydrated during the summer.

What’s more, it also provides fiber, potassium, calcium, folic acid a well as zinc. All these great properties make it a highly recommended fruit for health. For example, for diabetics, it’s the best fruit because it contains less sugar; or good for patients with rheumatism, gout and kidney diseases.

Here’s a guideline regarding how to choose good quality of Melon? First of all check it properly from all sides if it has no stains, cuts or bumps on the skin. It is also important to check if it has a sweet plus less noticeable odor as it indicates that it is in its maturation. And buy the Melon with the heaviest weight, usually because thick skin mostly tastes better.

Be careful not to choose over-ripened one. You can check if it’s ripened or over-ripened by the base pressure of the fingers. In addition, if you wobble the melon, carry to ear, if seeds along with juice inside create noise then it’s not good to eat. In that case, do not hesitate, discard it and find another. Now you have to know how to keep it safe for many days. Don’t be bothered, as you know, it’s not complicated stuff. Even when putting in cabins or store it in the fridge to last a couple of weeks. But before storing or keeping in fridge wrap them with plastic cover, as they give off a strong smell and readily absorb other flavors. A second option is to store it in a closed container, this will last for several days ‘in good shape’. To keep it in good condition is important to save in humidity drawer because it keeps all the properties of fruits and vegetables to twice as long. You can enjoy a melon and its freshness in hot summer days up to two times more than a conventional drawer.

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