Snoring of partner: A hurdle to your happy nap

If every time you fall asleep, snoring of partner wake you up, you can’t have a peaceful sleep, you’re probably not the only person to whom snoring of partner disrupts but it’s common these days. Snoring of partner is one of the biggest causes of discord between couples and families. It can be difficult for a couple to sleep in the same room when one is snoring, however can lead to family problems without compromise. Though, there are several tips you can use in order to reduce snoring of partner, we are sharing some, will help you stop snoring of partner as well as help you having relax plus refresh nap.

food-that-you-shouldnt-eat-before-bed1. Before sleep, avoid alcohol, drugs, coffee and heavy meals

If you have the habit of eating, drinking or taking drugs or caffeine filled drinks, can give you more chances of snoring as heavy meals and medicines tend to worsen snoring. Alcohol and heavy meals make your throat muscles relax too much contributing to snoring. High in fat plus heavy meals and overeating obstruct the airways and enhances the diaphragm, which also makes you more likely to snore. Also, it is important to avoid taking dairy products before hitting the bed. Take healthy dietHoney is also considered to be a very effective natural remedy to avoid snoring. Eat a teaspoon of honey before going to bed every night will help you solve the problem as snoring of partner.

2. Use a mouthguard

mouth-guard-snoring-solutionsA mouthguard is a practical device that helps avoid snoring. A mouthguard solves snoring by positioning the throat muscles and teeth to prevent too relaxed. By eliminating the causes of snoring, mouth guard makes you breathe better, without making that sound, irritates you so much while sleeping. If you’re desperate and want a good solution for snoring, this product has helped many people find solutions of snoring.

changepillowcase3. Change bed sheets and pillowcases regularly

The cause of your snoring may be due to use sheets and pillowcases too long. The sheets and pillowcases can cause nasal congestion or allergies, which forces you to breathe through your mouth and cause snoring. Vacuum the floor of your room regularly and wash curtains regularly.

4. Exercising the muscles that make you snore

exercises-to-prevent-snoringOne way to improve snoring is by exercises muscles that make you snore. If you want to stop snoring, try these exercises;

Stretch your tongue out as far as you can. Repeat 10 times. Stick out your tongue again but this time, try to touch your chin. Repeat again but this time, try to touch your nose with your tongue. Repeat this process of stretching between 5 and 10 times during the day to improve snoring.

Try to smile broadly, stretching the muscles of the face as much as you can. Repeat to the extent that you can every day. Sing syllables as La-La-La, Ma-Ma-Ma, and Ka-Ka-Ka as firmly as you can. Repeat 5 times each. This will make your throat stronger and can reduce snoring. The chewing gum strengthens the muscles of the mouth and throat helps reducing snoring at night.

5. Sleep on side

sleep_on_sideTo reduce snoring, try sleeping on your side. Sleeping with face-up makes the tongue and palate taking rest against the throat, blocking the airway. Sleeping on the back causes the tongue blocking the airway, and sleeping sideways avoid that.

6. Treat your allergies, especially before bedtime

Suffering from allergies or nasal congestion (especially at night), can be a cause of your snoring. If you think that snoring is caused by allergies or nasal congestion, you can try to improve snoring taking a decongestant or an antihistamine to control allergies. But avoid taking these drugs in excess, and its prolonging use can be harmful.

Lose weight

The obesity or overweight is one of the main factors, which gives birth to snore. Therefore, a good recommendation is to lose weight. Of course, they all require patience and, above all, a great commitment and effort. However, keep in mind reducing your excess weight is very important, because this way you can enjoy better health, and stop snoring.

Relieve heartburn

heart-burnSome experts suggest that we pay attention to our heartburn, since it may thereby be a cause of snoring. To fix it there are different home remedies, as Mint is a very effective natural product to stop snoring, especially when it comes by respiratory problems such as colds or flu. In this case just add a drop of mint in a glass with cold water and gargle. So your throat gets refreshed and allows the passage of air.

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