Natural lip care tips: Chapped lip treatment

Lips are an important part of our face. We must always pay attention to it. We know that with temperature changes, lips gets suffered, so it must be protected.  However,  natural lip care tips  must follow to  keep lips safe.

Natural lip care tips

We must prevent them from getting drying.   Use daily lip balm as it’s necessary, and it is preferable if contains sunscreen.

If dryness is excessive or extreme, I suggest you apply honey directly on your lips for a few minutes once a day. Honey is a natural moisturizer, and it is best as  does not contain ingredients that may cause burning.

The lips may  suffer  dead skin cells that generate with changing season, so it is advisable to use a special exfoliator for them, and add this step to your daily routine. You can make a scrub yourself using petroleum jelly, sugar, olive oil and honey bees wax. Rub the mixture over your lips, let stand for a few minutes and rinse. Repeat the application at least 2 times per week.

If you use lipsticks for lip care, check which one of your  lipstick collections dry out your lips? Avoid using lipsticks that have negative effects on your lips, like skin reactions for each person are different. Do not buy it from more economic Chinese stores, it is sometimes necessary to spend a little more, but your lips should be healthy, do not you think?

Prevents paint every day, give them a break and opt for a natural look from time to time, always protect them with lip balm.

Finally, use lip glosses and lipsticks that are moisturizing your lips and do not make your lips more dry as many lipsticks have very long duration astringent ingredients for lips prone to dry.  Must  try  these  Natural lip care tips  to  treat your chapped lips.

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