How to speed up metabolism to burn fats? Effective ideas…

Inevitably, we all want to know the secret to lose weight with the least possible effort. And slimming always requires a sacrifice you have to pay out.   The fact is that there are some tricks by  following  you can lose weight faster. One of them is to speed up metabolism, which will give you faster visible results. But how do you speed up metabolism? I will give you few ideas to perform this task safely and naturally. So if you’re looking for a way to get in shape this season, do not miss my tips … It’s time to speed up metabolism to impress  the  public.

Speed up metabolism  naturally

Coconut oil

You may have heard about the benefits of coconut products at your gym or in your office, there’s a reason for that. If you replace the usual cooking oil with coconut oil going to help your body burn fat faster. ” Studies have shown that these fats are easily digested and get stimulate metabolism to burn three times more calories than other oils for six hours since the last meal. ” whopping six hours! And if that is not enough, I add that coconut oil has other specific health benefits. “It’s not only supports weight lose   but also improves the function of the thyroid.”

Increase protein level

To slightly increase the amount of protein in a balanced diet, your body should be better able to lose weight quickly. And the extra intake of quality protein will help you overcome your sluggish metabolism. When it comes to quality protein, I’m specifically referring to those that match the needs of your body. This means that those with high levels of amino acids, such as meat or fish, are a good choice in your diet. Here, lean meats and eggs (especially eggs) are an important source of protein to speed up metabolism.

Less carbohydrate

While it is important to strike a balance between different types of foods in your diet, I recommend slacken slightly the amount of carbohydrates in your menu. This will also help  to  speed up metabolism. “Studies show that carbohydrates promote a slower metabolism and contribute to weight gain”. This means, say “goodbye” to large amounts of pasta, bread and potatoes in your diet.


If you know which foods are good to burn fats faster, you can lose weight faster. In fact, eggs are especially good for this purpose. This food is not only healthy, but contains specific components such as proteins and beneficial fats that will help improve your metabolism. Besides being a source of protein, it is very easy to integrate the egg in a diet to lose weight. Let your imagination fly!


Everyone knows that oily fish is a super food with many beneficial properties. It is very good for the brain (take note, especially if you are studying) and another is that it is a genius food helping you burn fats. Proteins and beneficial fats from fish are great for speeding up the metabolism.


Well, it will not be the first time you hear talking people about the benefits of walnuts for your body. Nuts are good for hair, skin, energy levels, also burns fat. Oil obtained from nuts is able to create a perfect balance between omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 in the body. You should have thought that something so small could be so good? Just remember to eat nuts; they are a good source of calories, so a handful a day should be more than enough.


Seeds are a great way to speed up metabolism, and also act as a good substitute for less healthy options, like potato chips or chocolate. Sesame seeds, flax or sunflower possess rich nutrition, also other seeds such as pumpkin can help improve body health. Pumpkin seeds have beneficial properties and help you sleep better. Studies show that in addition to improve sleep, make better metabolism and better weight control.


Legumes are also a good way to speed up your metabolism. Some of them, such as lentils, chickpeas or beans help you sleep better. Do you like hummus? The hummus or nut butter is a great example of a suitable snack prior to exercise. Humus is also ideal for other things like control levels of blood sugar and stabilize your hormones.

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