How to lose weight by consuming red foods? Fat loss tips…

Fiber, plenty of water, vitamins and minerals are the main characteristics of the red foods. Today I’ll expose how to lose weight by consuming red foods. Many of them are a source of essential nutrients that are required for our body and we should be grateful to Nature for the implementation of such healthy food in our diet. Let’s review the list;

Lose weight by consuming red foods


strawberryStrawberry stands on number one spot, not because it is my favorite but they are rich in Vitamin C. Just provide about 32 calories per 100g. Also slow down aging process. Just be careful because they contain a high content of salicylic acid, it can cause allergic reactions such as itching or hives. This means if you’ve found to be sensitive to aspirin, could also have reaction from eating strawberries.


redberriesThis fruit is highly recommended for lowering lipid levels in the body, reducing body mass and adiposity. Some studies also suggest that enzymes in red-berries may help the metabolism to increase which supports   weight loss. It is recommended that the consumption of this fruit complements to the abundant intake of water, so that they work together and you obtain better results.


It is a diuretic fruit, since it favors the elimination of water and salts through the kidneys. This property is mainly due to its high content of potassium which helps maintain salt and water balance in our bodies. Eating red Granada for a month helps reduce fat in the stomach, because the juice and seeds are excellent for losing weight fast.

Red apple

ripe red apple

Provides energy, gives a sense of satiety and don’t let get fattening. For every 100 grams only 58 calories are achieved. Helps in preventing weight gain due to its large amount of fiber it provides. It is a detoxifying fruit. As natural medicine it serves as anti-anemic, anti-asthmatic and anti-diarrheal.


raspberryIt has a diuretic and laxative effect; insoluble (5%) and promotes intestinal transit, giving you a feeling of lightness fiber. Its low calories and rich in potassium properties are highly recommended for inclusion of this red food in diet. Also it’s a delicious fruit and mostly children love to eat it.

Red pepper and chili

red-pepperThe red pepper provides more than twice the vitamin C found in fruits like orange, strawberry or kiwi. Also inhibits proliferation of fat cells and prevents fluid retention. The red chili is beneficial for abdominal fat. Do not hesitate to add it to your diet. Capsaicin, a substance is present in it that promotes digestion.


It is a cleansing fruit, removes toxic waste from the body. Its composition is 80% water and is very low in calories. It gives feeling of fullness, so if you feel nervousness in eating, you can cut some watermelon, refrigerate it and eat it. It is low in fat and calories (30 calories per 100 g).

Red Tea

red_teaIt is a tea which can burn more fats. Avoid fluid retention and therefore also has diuretic functions. It stimulates the manufacturing of gastric acid that favors hepatic metabolism and generating bile salts, which are very good for digestion process.

Note:   It’s true that you can  lose weight by consuming red foods but the consumption of some red food  can also be a risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases. As excess quantity is always harmful.

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