Latest trend in US: Shabby Chic décor

The shabby chic decor is a style of decoration that has its origin from Britain houses. In this ( shabby chic decor ) style we do mixing of old elements with more modern and contemporary. Shabby chic decor is romantic but also lively and delicate style. This British origin style is characterized by using fabrics with floral prints, spring patterns. Shabby chic decor is achieved by mixing a palette of pastel colours like, pink, blue, green and beige shades, with classic white. The décor of home and garden in Shabby Chic style is a mixture of romantic style with a colonial touch.

Latest trend in US: Shabby Chic decor

shabby-chicShabby chic decor focuses on two very different terms, on one hand the meaning of shabby is slummy or poor condition while on contrary chic means elegant, stylish or trendy. Therefore, in this style of decoration many old or antique elements are mixed with some more modern or stylish, which help to give it an amazing look.

classic-whiteUndoubtedly, the predominant colour in the shabby chic style is the classic white. This colour is used for both walls (and thus achieve greater feeling of spaciousness), with different elements of décor. To achieve a shabby chic décor, it’s important to use light shades so that cannot obscure with the overall appearance of decorating rooms.Achieving this decorate style and concept for a room or any other space is easy, you just have to incorporate vintage furniture and printed fabrics in curtains, cushions, rugs and wallpaper. In this style we use classic furniture, usually reinterpreted in light colours.

cabinetThe shabby chic style much used the elements of wood or iron. For example, iron headboards with an appearance somewhat aged but at the same time with a touch of modernity, such furniture are perfect to achieve this style. Paint the home walls using a neutral shade. Shabby chic decorating style means mix prints with neutral tones, adding feminine and rustic touches through the spaces. You can use a pale pink colour combined with soft beige. Another idea is to create a design of vertical wide stripes with two neutral colours like white and almond. Use tape and paint to create the striped pattern on the walls. Each line must have one foot wide to achieve a sense of freshness and freedom.

wooden-furnitureIn the case of wood, the style would be combined with the metal. Cabinets or furniture with a worn look and ancient touch are mostly used. When purchasing this type of elements and materials, usually antique shops are the most appropriate that can offer such opportunities. If you don’t have an option to go to an antique shop, you can utilize regular furniture and create them look worn with pickling technique.For textiles and fabrics, most often used textiles and fabrics with romantic shades plus prints. The most common patterns are used with flowers, typically soft shades, and pastel colours with a touch of classic white.

antique-coffee-setIn any Shabby chic decor there are certain supplements that cannot be missed. Among them are the antique sets of coffee or tea. It is very common to use a white wooden table in a living room, plus a set of coffee or tea with a personal touch, it appears a combination of a classic and elegant style, but with little old fashioned look.

Other supplements, which widely used in Shabby chic decor, are candles and antique vases. For the vases, often used should have flowers in soft colours like pink. Some suggestions are cherry blossoms, willow and peonies.

vase-flowersThe shabby chic decor must have an organic touch. Place photos of family or vacation in wooden frames, decorating with shells (real or artificial) on shelves or bedside table.

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