Consider following tips for a proper night sleep

All of us some time in our lives have slept badly and consequently awoke to occasional discomfort, however, the solution for these sleep problems often can be found by changing our daily routine; also lifestyle of the day, can make a huge difference in the quality of night-time sleep. So here I will share some tips for a proper night sleep, which will help you improve your night’s sleep, so that you feel more productive, strong, balanced and most importantly, full of energy during the day.

Watch what you eat or drink

Do not go to bed if you’re hungry, it is also important to limit the amount of liquid you drink before bed, so that you avoid trips to the bathroom during the night.

You must be careful with nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, for example, the stimulant effects of caffeine and nicotine take hours to disappear, so can decrease your quality of sleep. As for alcohol, it can make you feel sleepy during the beginning, but can disrupt sleep later in the night. This is one of the most important tips for a proper night sleep.

Create a bedtime routine

Among the other tips for a proper night sleep, here’s the 2nd one; if possible, create a bedtime routine, i.e., do the same things every night, as it’s time to relax, for example, read a book, listen to soothing music or take a shower of warm water, and if possible, all with the lights off.

Be careful when using the TV or any other device that emits light. Some research suggests that the use of a screen before bed might interfere with sleep.

Take warm milk

You can take a glass of warm milk 15 minutes before bedtime, so calm your nervous system, significantly improving the quality of sleep during the night. This is because the milk contains large amounts of tryptophan, which are amino acids, known to induce sleep.

A little exercise during the day

People who have office jobs where they spend the most time of the day without exercise, have more sleep problems than those who work physically by day, so it is highly recommended at least 30 minutes of exercise (at least half hour before bedtime to slow down your body) grants your body the oxygen.

Sleeping in a room ventilated

Try to keep your room well ventilated and at an ambient temperature. This will give you better sleeping conditions, since the warm weather make you feeling you “shudder” and fills you with discomfort at night. This is one of the main reasons people awaken during the night, preventing a good sleep quality.

Try going to bed and wake up the same time every day

Go to bed and get up at a certain time, rather help your body to create a pattern that impacts your physiology, as it is time to sleep and waking. Additionally, researchers at the University Brigham Young, found a relationship between sleep constantly and lower fat accumulation in young women.

And last but not least, the research also indicated that keeping a regular sleep schedule, is associated with improvements in cognitive tests and best behavior in children. This is considered one of the imperative tips for a proper night sleep.

Manage stress or strain

One of the most common causes for the lack or poor quality of sleep is stress, like when you have lots to do and plenty to think about during the day; to combat this you can organize by prioritizing the tasks of the day to take a break when you need it. Also good laugh, talk with humor with your family or friends and before bed write down everything that is in your mind and leave it for the next day.

Use your bed only for sleeping

It is recommended that you use your bed only for sleep or enjoy with your partner, thus your body can relate your bed with falling asleep or being you know, romantic. It is a common mistake to watch television instead of rest, do work, surf the Internet from a mobile device or other things; because your body will be wrongly associating with activities such as television or work, so it is advisable to perform these activities elsewhere than your bed.

Take a hot shower

Take a hot shower or warm provides a pleasure and welfare immediately, and undergo a thorough cleaning of your body, also remove tensions and / or dislikes of the day, resulting good emotional health and better to go to sleep right after taking a shower, this will result in a good quality sleep.

Note: Almost everyone has an occasional sleepless night, but if for some reason you have trouble sleeping often, you should contact a physician, else follow these tips for a proper night sleep.

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