How to choose best wardrobe for bedroom? Wardrobe Ideas…

There is a common question what women often ask: how can I choose the best bedroom closet? A recurring question because the cabinet will charge much if they want presence of image on closet also if they want it two of the four walls to decorate the bedroom.  They  always  looking  for some  amazing  wardrobe ideas .

Today I’m mentioning some wardrobe ideas regarding how to choose the best closet and what the functionality of a closet is. This is an issue that deserves an exclusive post and would like to delve into it this time. That is why I want to focus exclusively on what you should bear in mind when choosing your wardrobe. And you  can distinguish two main types of furniture: the wardrobes and cupboards.

Wardrobe ideas for bedroom



If our room provides the space for a cupboard, the most important space for its decoration will be the front. Here you can choose cupboards with three types of doors: folding doors, sliding and folding doors.

When choosing any types of doors must take into account the fund available for your closet; a front sliding door closet must have a minimum depth of 68 cm.

If you want a special look with light touch, you must choose the swinging doors, being larger will leave much less the front space. In addition if you are also going to play more with the decor of the room, choose smooth, striped or Japanese shoji type, with countless combinations of colors and doors.

I love folding doors, especially for the front of a cabinet with more depth than usual and can transform almost in a semi-dressing. When choose such doors must consider some very good hardware but we have problems with them, as they suffer greatly because of opening and closing movement.

For the materials when choose the front of the cabinet, it is usual to choose something with the rest toned woodwork of the house, wooden doors and painted. While here you can also make your customizations, for example you can combine the base of the front door of wardrobe white combine with one or more other color, which can be great for children or youth bedroom. We may also combine with glass doors or mirrors, and even doors that have a wooden pattern, a decorative paper for decoration can be used over it.


Lately cabinets in houses seem to have a bad reputation and people tend to choose only wardrobes. However cabinet will allow us to play more with the sharing of the bedroom. It’s an object of the decor of our home and we can place it wherever we want. When choosing a cabinet, it is essential to combine it with the rest of the decor of the room.

For the free lockers you can choose folding and sliding doors as well as the different materials if they are made from upholstered wooden cupboards or you can paint cabinets with exquisite decor. Definitely it’s an option that you should not dismiss just because they are old fashioned.

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