How to straighten hair naturally? Follow simple & effective steps

In the world  of styling and beauty, women spend considerable amount of money on hair smoothing products, containing much harmful chemicals. For the benefit of all, the nature provides some products, which can be used to straighten hair naturally. However these natural products don’t lead to dryness, roughness or  splitting  ends  of  hair if ever you overdo it like other chemical products.

I’m mentioning here few effective natural ways to get rid of curly hair or straighten hair naturally. Use one of these methods to straighten hair by natural products. Divide the hair into sections before applying any treatment.

Straighten hair naturally

Coconut milk

It is known that coconut milk acts as a hair straighter; also this solution is very easy to prepare. What you have to do is to extract coconut milk, plus add coconut pieces in a blender with about 4 or 5 tablespoons of lemon juice and blend until a paste that can apply in your hair.

If you cannot get whole coconut, you can buy coconut milk, but make sure it is pure and contains no additives. Put the coconut paste in the refrigerator for about an hour. Use it later, applying to your hair and scalp. Then cover your hair with a towel and wait for just about half an hour. Rinse your hair, comb through and feel how it is easier to handle and give the style you want, with less frizz hair.

Milk and egg

To give a good dose of protein to your hair, mix 2 cups milk with an egg, stirring well. You can dip your hair in the mixture or smear it in your hair. Then proceed to cover your hair with a shower cap or bag and wait for about half an hour. Finally, wash your hair with cold water (hot water may cause the portion of egg mixture to harden and become difficult to remove) and comb.

There is one caution to use this treatment, which is to prevent raw egg to contact your mouth or your eyes. The raw egg can contain pathogens.

Olive oil

Although olive oil does not act directly as a smoothing agent, but significantly helps make hair more manageable, soft and easy to comb, which is often all you need. For this treatment, mix a 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil with honey. Add honey gradually, stirring and being careful to get a consistency that is easy to apply, without becoming too thick.

Apply this hair mask   throughout  your hair, massaging carefully and evenly. Cover your hair with a shower cap or towel so that the ingredients of this mixture are absorbed by your hair efficiently. After an hour, wash your hair as usual and feel effective results.

Celery leaves

For this recipe you just need some celery leaves, put them in a blender with a little cold water. Then, filter the mixture into a container and keep it in a bottle overnight. The next morning use the mixture as a hair mask, massage properly until well absorbed on entire scalp. Finally rinse and wash as you normally do with your shampoo and conditioner.

This recipe is ideal for very curly hair. Just heat up small quantity of almond oil until warm, then apply it on your hair and wrap your head with a towel for about 15 or 20 minutes. Then comb your hair to get smooth and cover back with a hot towel for 30 minutes. This treatment will provide moisture to the follicles which will make your hair smooth and straighten much easily.

Note: Remember that consistency and patience are two important keys for these recipes to straighten hair naturally. So take your time and enjoy your straight hair.

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