Splitting ends of hair: What are home remedies to avoid it?

The hair should be well hydrated to look bouncy and silky, but sometime looks a bit battered the tips area, these may look bracketed and in poor condition, this is due to different factors such as different climatic rafters, excessive iron and Hair dryer, use of different chemicals or dye for hair, etc. But to solve the problem of splitting ends of hair, there are numerous hair care tips. We should be thankful to various natural ingredients and homemade masks containing specific components for restructuring hair fibers to stop splitting ends of hair.

Hope the tips I’m going to share for splitting ends of hair will be very helpful for you to have full beautiful hair with shine and vitality. Tips to avoid splitting ends of hair, consist preparing a mixture of special homemade hair products, for which you need to follow some recipes:

Splitting ends of hair: What are home remedies to avoid it?

1. Mask of Chamomile

hair-maskIn order to improve and fix the splitting ends of hair, it’s essential to use a liter of water, a handful of chamomile.

How to prepare?

First of all boil one liter water in a container, when it starts boiling add the chamomile and let it boil for a few minutes until it gets infused with a good concentration of chamomile. Once you notice that the water has taken a slightly yellowish colour remove from heat and let cool long enough so that it can be applied all over the hair. It should not be too cold.

Massage your hair with this mixture properly twice a week. Do not need to wipe this mixture because it doesn’t have a bad smell, in fact smell of Chamomile is relaxing.

papaya2. Mask of papaya

Use a cup of papaya pulp and half a cup plain yogurt. Mix these both things in a container by crushing perfectly.  Apply this mask throughout hair especially on the ends to avoid splitting ends of hair and let it stand for about 30 minutes, and then remove with water.

3. Avocado Mask

Use half of a rippen avocado and a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. First you have to remove all the pulp of the avocado and beat to form a kind of fluffy paste, then add the olive oil and continue beating until it forms a smooth mask. Apply this mask throughout hair especially roots & ends to stop splitting ends of hair; leave on for 20 minutes and remove with water.

4. Homemade egg shampoo

egg-shampooIt may seem a bit odd, but the egg contains special components for both face beauty and hair health. That is why I’ll show you how to make a homemade egg shampoo for hair with split ends. You have to use about 30 grams of fresh rosemary, a quart of hot water and an egg. Boil water with rosemary for about ten minutes, after this time remove from heat and let stand. When the mixture is cool add the egg and beat the best, apply this homemade shampoo throughout the hair the same way as you use regular shampoo.

5. Oil Tonic

Use a tablespoon of olive oil, sunflower oil, rosemary oil, and almond oil. Put all oils in one container, place in the microwave and heat it just a little, not to boil, now you have to dip the ends of the hair in it, cover your hair with a bath cap or a plastic bag and let it set for half hour; wash as usual.

cut-split-endsBefore using all these tips cut splitting ends of hair, so that you can eliminate damaged hair tips. Also it is important to consume the good quantity of water necessary for you to have a well hydrated hair especially in pregnancy in addition to providing great benefits to the body, it is important to consume at least three liters of water daily.

Avoid the use of iron and the hair dryer because high temperatures mistreat largely capillary structure of the hair, you need to dry your hair naturally and if you have no choice but to use the dryer you should use the lower temperature.

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