How can beating spoil your child personality?

In 29 countries worldwide it is illegal to hit a child. Also, 113 countries prohibit corporal punishment in schools. But still parents as well as school teachers use beating, spanking, caning, flogging, noogie, etc. as a method of disciplining children. Even they promote these methods to many families. As a result parents are urged to give their children a good spank in order to making them understand. The truth is, spanking and beating spoil your child personality. In recent years, many psychiatrists, sociologists, researchers and some brilliant parents have recommended to promote the prohibition of corporal punishment of children. Everyone has a right to protect its physical integrity. The same right should be for children because they are innocent angels.

Psychologists have been promoting the elimination of corporal punishment as a means of disciplining children. But we often hear from many parents saying it’s better to slap on time than do scold. Today we will learn about more effective ways to correct parents’ behaviors. I’ll tell how they can leave a positive mark rather than negative in the emotional life of children. Because flogging and beating can spoil child’s personality. There’re many reasons of avoiding to hit your children. Because we find not any valid or solid reason to hit a child.

How can beating spoil your child personality?

smacking-kids-girlPhysical punishments during childhood are associated with an increased risk of personality disorders as well as lifetime anxiety. One study found that children who endure physical punishment often from their parents are more prone to mental disorders. The study involved more than 34,000 U.S. adults, analyzed the past and observed the present, detected a bigger occurrence of mental disorders among them who had received lashes during childhood. Specifically, these adults were more likely to find diseases like depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and problems with alcohol plus drugs. They had a higher risk of being disheartened, hit their spouse or children and engage in violence or criminal behavior.

smacking-childanger as well as frustration that can’t be safely expressed and keep inside. It decreases guilty for what he has done wrong and reduce the desire to repair the damage.

floggingHitting on the buttocks, an erogenous zone in childhood can create in the child’s mind an association between pain and sexual pleasure that can lead to difficulties in adulthood, in this way flogging and beating spoil your child personality. Sometime, smacking brings severe results as some children have been paralyzed because the nerves get damaged by spanking and some have even died, due to medical complications that could not be diagnosed.

Beating creates interference the bond between parents and children, as it is not in human nature to love those who hurt us. The true spirit of cooperation which every parent wants can only be built through a strong bond based on mutual feelings of love and respect. Corporal punishment seems to produce good behavior in some early years, but resulted always at a very high risk, when the child enters adolescence and adulthood.

friendly-behavior-with-childA friendly education, supported by a solid foundation of love and respect, is the only effective way to achieve a good performance founded on strong inner values, rather than a superficial “good behavior” based solely on fear.

This was a common survey that shows how can beating spoil your child personality? Follow this content to save your child personality.

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