Walking 30 minutes a day, an inexpensive & very therapeutic routine

Walking 30 minutes a day, can be a good exercise if done correctly. It is moderate as well as accessible to almost everyone intensity, regardless of his/her initial fitness. It can be done without special equipment, alone or together, everyone knows how. It’s a safe way as well as you do not have to move to a specific place to practice. Additionally, you can include in daily life without altering the customs and habits of the people.

Walking 30 minutes a day, an inexpensive & very therapeutic routine

Do not say you can’t  start walking slowly and easily. Walk, as long as you can, without losing the air. Do sessions of five minutes, until you can walk fifteen minutes at a time, twice a week. Then increase to three times a week. Soon you’ll be walking 30 minutes a day, 7 times a week. You will see that you can do, and you will like more if you walk outdoors.

It is one of the best preventive therapies can be performed. According to scientific studies calculating just walking 30 minutes a day could decrease by 20% the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease sustains the chief root of death in industrialized countries.

Surgery and pharmacology to treat these diseases has greatly advanced in recent times. There are pills to control blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Many studies show that physical activity reduces the likelihood of it an acute myocardial infarction. Sedentary people have almost twice the risk of dying from a heart attack than people who perform physical activity regularly. And know that even people who have had a heart attack, the physical activity reduces mortality.

What type of exercise is more suitable?

benefits-of-walking-fastThere is consensus that the exercise must be smooth, steady and regular. An exercise involving a large effort brings the heart to soar, which is not advisable. Walking 30 minutes a day is the best choice, a therapy that is not only good for the heart. It is also for hypertension and diabetes, also for all those who want to maintain their weight, care for their flexibility as well as agility. Walking 30 minutes a day, is a set-up for your bone structure, to facilitate the movement of joints. The back and your spine need it too.

Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

In the cardiovascular system, exercise increases strength plus the ability to pump blood from the heart. Besides the arteries have a greater capacity to dilate. This increases the amount of blood that can reach the muscles and other parts of our body.

walking-benefitsPhysical activity also decreases the risk of having high blood pressure; additionally hypertensive patients can reduce their blood pressure. It also prevents the onset of diabetes, particularly in overweight or a family history of diabetes; it’s a major treatment of diabetes by improving insulin response in patients, a hormone that controls metabolism and blood sugar level element. Physical activity also produces favorable effects on cholesterol.

TIP: After dinner, invents a dynamic time with your partner and dance for an hour to burn 220 to 300 calories. Walking an hour a day for 14 weeks helps to lose 20% of the fat stored in the stomach, even without dieting. Walking 30 minutes a day comes to assume an expenditure of about 1000 calories a week.

Don’t get too late to start. People who are sedentary and start doing physical activity regularly and quickly obtain similar benefits than those who have always been active.

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