How to reduce or prevent painful menstruation?

For many women, the arrival of menstruation is a painful experience that cannot be evaded. However it is true that some of the inconveniences of menstruation cannot be avoided, but can alleviate some of its symptoms. This is essential to know how menstruation occurs and, above all, its phases, in order to reduce or prevent painful menstruation.

The menstrual cycle

period-issuePain, cramping, inflating, mood swing, and bloating all are some of the effects of the hormonal revolution that occurs in ladies’ bodies during the menstrual cycle.

During the menstrual cycle, which repeats itself after every 28 days, many hormones produce during the process, which trigger the inconvenience. Therefore it is important to know what stage of the menstrual cycle is more important. In the first 12 days from the onset of bleeding the egg begins to mature in the ovary, for which it needs an extra amount of estrogen. By day 15, the mature egg begins its journey awaiting fertilization; after that the period of ovulation starts. The egg then reaches the uterus where the lady’s body needs progesterone for a possible pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur, the egg is dissolved in the uterus and that is when bleeding occurs.

How to reduce or prevent painful menstruation?

The discomfort of menstruating woman can be greater or lesser extent during this process, but there are some tricks that can help to reduce or prevent painful menstruation.

Mood swings produced by the alteration of hormones can be alleviated with a diet rich in calcium. If menstruating woman increases consumption of dairy products the week before menstruation can get partially alleviates in mood’s ups and downs, so it’s helpful to reduce or prevent painful menstruation.

Swelling in the belly area can be reduced by decreasing salt intake and drinking a lot more water and liquids in the days before menstruation.

Abdominal pain can be alleviated by the application of heat in the swelling area and drinking hot tea or coffee. It seems that a diet rich in carbohydrates significantly can reduce or prevent painful menstruation. And if it persists after all remedies, will have to use an analgesic or anti-inflammatory.

Get ready for menstruation

Do you get menstruation almost without realizing it, if not then you are one of those women who every month suffers an ordeal discern that symptoms begin to become apparent a few days before with affection of mood swings, high breast tenderness, bloating and swelling in addition, as the days go by, get acute pain in the abdomen, thigh as well as back. Some even get to have headaches, cramps and dizziness.

menstrual-painExperts say to lead a healthy life, take a walk regularly, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and reduce salt as well as alcohol furthermore coffee may prevent symptoms like moodiness, fatigue even pain.

It is always difficult to determine whether the same discomforts from menstruation occur with normal menstruating woman. These symptoms are some of menstrual problems that should be gynecological more important to cure.

If pain and other discomfort prevent you from performing your daily life, maybe your doctor can advises you one pill that treats the most severe pain. Do not forget, your potential complications should be checked by doctors regularly to reduce or prevent painful menstruation in a safer and careful way.

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