Embrace or hug loved ones in time of sorrow

If we hug loved ones in time of sorrow, and speak some consoling words, we can steal their tears. Physical contact is not only a form of enjoyment, rather it is necessary for our psychological, emotional and physical existence. It multiplies the happiness, health of the individual as well as of society. However, if we hug loved ones in time of sorrow or simply just embrace for nothing, it works great for them.

And of course that’s a reality. People feel good and think to function well again, if we hug loved ones in time of sorrow. Though it is true that giving or receiving a hug is something simple, priceless and valuable. Almost all know the measures of happiness it provides. Those to whom embrace really worked as a magic in past, are quite sure to say that “in its highest form, hugging is simply a magic”. One of the most natural and spontaneous ways to show affection is, “hugging loved ones in time of sorrow”. Although there are numerous ways to show affection but hugging is a very special and imperative contribution to the health. Hugging can also heals deep emotional wounds.

Embrace or hug loved ones in time of sorrow

Hug loved ones in time of sorrow gives the feeling of touch, closeness, warmth, protection, support, relief, confidence, desire and above all, we feel affection of others for us. Hugs serve to strengthen the ties between two people, moreover bring them together in this happy relation. However, not all people show their feelings or emotions in this way.

The truth is that the embrace is always there all through in our lives. This gesture occurs at all levels of interpersonal relationship. At birth our parents carry us in their arms, protect us, show us safety, throw up and hold in hands, so continue the game with a big hug that goes even accompanied with lots of kisses and caresses. Fathers and mothers often show their love in the form of cuddling, caring, guarding, and comforting. Hugging a child always impacts well not only for his/her health but also on psychic. The children grow up seeing their parents to embrace each other, in addition to their friends, colleagues and family members, so they be convinced that it is not only something that happens between lovers or couples but a relation that come into being when you are psychologically attracted to others.


We must admit this statement in our mind that to hug loved ones in time of sorrow, is one of the purest forms of expressing love and affection, also has many benefits, such as relieving pain, depression, anxiety as well as stress; enhances hope in patients to live and move on; helps babies (who were deprived of contact in their incubators), to grow and be strengthened; has a positive effect on language development and IQ in children; causes positive physiological changes in who plays and where it is touched; maintained the muscles of the arms and shoulders in good condition, as it is an exercise in bending and stretching; we are democratic human beings and anyone who has a kind heart  deserve to give or receive a hug, as it shatters the emotional barriers. To hug loved ones in time of sorrow, is one of the fundamental human needs, such as water as well as food.

In general, men more easily demonstrate their affection, many women may express it without much difficulty, but not always, It can be an emotional barrier that prevents them from showing affection. In fact, it may feasible that the affection received during childhood, determine how to return it in future. In both men and women, lack of affection in childhood, can definitely make their unconfident personality; a person who lacks affection, usually has rigid, jealous, possessive and sometimes insensitive and violent personality.

Do not step back for giving and receiving something that gives us loads of benefits without any harm. Who does not want to be cared, supported, loved, comforted and happy? Who has not needed to have someone’s shoulder and a hug to feel relieved while on bad time? So, be initiative and begin to offer hugs even without reason to those people who are important in your lives, surprise them with hugs, humility and tenderness. I’m sure you’ll get their greatest smiles that should be priceless for you.

We are going to start it from now, so sending a giant hug to all our readers…………………………..


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