Remove facial or body hair: Gradually but permanently

Remove facial or body hair is a major concern that matters in beauty of women; it may eventually develop into a real headache for females. For women the presence of hair on the body is uncomfortable and annoying thing. They usually use treatments to remove facial or body hair as the razor (hair tend to get hard this way), hair removing creams and in the case of applying wax remove hair but not roots that’s more annoying, painful and for some people with sensitive skin can cause irritation and the terrible effect is, it lasts just for a few weeks. Professional cosmetic treatments to remove facial or body hair such as laser application are really expensive.

If you’ve decided to remove facial or body hair and are searching for various techniques such as laser, electrolysis, permanent hair removal, etc., you have to try some home remedies to remove facial or body hair. You can also save a lot of money and get rid of unwanted hair easily and cheaply.

Do you know that there are very natural ways to Remove facial or body hair? By using them you save the costs of conventional hair removal as well as irritation and other side effects, plus you get the hair go weaker and weaker, rather than grow ever stronger, less and less in number and finally no more hair after 3-4 months.

I’m going to share remove facial or body hair using burnt walnut shells. Let’s know about one very effective ancient as well as home remedy to remove facial or body hair as in ancient days women usually used to rub or massage walnut oil on the foreheads of their babies to remove hair.

remove body or facial hair


Several studies show that consuming two to four cups of mint tea in a day help to reduce levels of testosterone in the body, the hormone that causes the appearance of hair in women.

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