Soft Diet: Your biggest ally during intestinal problems

Most of the time, when we suffer from some intestinal problems, after any surgery, dental issue or when we try to combat overweight procedure, we are told to conduct a Soft Diet . But what is  the Soft Diet? What foods you can eat and what not during these problems? Here, I’m going to mention some Soft Diet, you can take during intestinal issues.

Why you should take Soft Diet?

The aim of soft diet is that it easily gets digested.   Also it does not stimulate the gastric secretion. Therefore, it is a complete diet that still gives to the digestive system the minimum possible work of digestion, helping it in its recovery.

Foods  included in  Soft Diet

These foods may already be included in your diet, and are allowed in this diet list. These are easy to digest, plus they provide vitamins as well as nutrients the body needs.

Milk and derivatives thereof (only low-fat)

Soft Cereals

Chicken, seafood, egg

Soups and broths

Fruit preserves

Vegetables cooked

Fruit Juices and Tea

Bread, biscuits and pasta made with refined flour

Foods you should not eat

Here’s a list of foods that are forbidden to eat if physician suggests you a soft diet because these are high in fat, which does not help the body to easily digest; but instead can irritate and cause further complications.

High fat dairy

Raw vegetables

Fast food

Dried fruits and seeds

Chocolate and candy strong

Red meat

Fried foods in general

Breads, crackers and pasta

Alcoholic or caffeinated beverages high in

Hot or spicy foods

Soft Diet model

Breakfast: 1 cup of chamomile tea. 2 slices white bread lightly toasted with light cheese. Mid Morning: 1 baked apple. Lunch: 1 serving of squash with chicken and 1/2 nonfat yogurt; 1 cup of chamomile tea or lemon. Snack: 1 skimmed yogurt; 1 cup of chamomile tea. Dinner: 2 servings of spinach pudding and meat (use only cooked and processed spinach and meat should be chicken or fish; For this you can cook and process both food separated for. then mix with beaten egg) 1 serving of light gelatin.

The main objective of a soft diet is to protect your body during illness or after a medical procedure, to ensure proper improvement in your health. Therefore, you must respect the doctors’ instructions and follow them properly to avoid any serious problem.

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