Tangerines: How many ways they are effective to weight loss

Tangerines are   available in tropical Asia, is a seasonal fruit; you can find from September to May. It is citric, provides fewer amounts of sugars per serving, and has properties that help your body burn fat faster. Do you want to learn how? Be  ready my today’s content.

 Features &  benefits  of  Tangerines

Tangerines fruit to be mostly composed of water possess many properties that benefit our health, prevent disease and can help us lose weight by burning fat faster.


This fruit is a diuretic which favors the elimination of uric acid and its salts, due to its high water content, potassium and citric acid. That’s why this fruit is especially recommended when you do sports or exercise.


While ladies are going to achieve higher age they should eat and drink juice of this fruit as its more consumption is important because it is rich in oxalic acid, which helps cleanse and detoxify the blood, improves digestion and lowers cholesterol levels.

Vitamin C

With four pieces of this fruit a day you can meet the needs of vitamin C; it is good for defenses and acts against virus to prevent flu and cough. The fruit also contains folic acid and pro-vitamin A in large quantities.


This fruit has a number of appreciable fibers, is found between the pulp and rind, so its consumption provides benefits favoring the intestinal transit.


Tangerine pulp is very good to cleanse and purify the blood as it is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial. You can prepare an infusion, but remember not to store it for long as it can lose its properties.


This is the most important property of the Tangerine, as prevents cancer, heart attacks and strokes. In addition, large amounts of nobiletin containing this fruit helps us burn fat and inhibit its storage in the body.

Ways   to use tangerines for lose weight

There are several different ways to exploit the benefits of Tangerine, in some cases you can use only the shells and in others it is better to use the fruit pulp for best results.


You can vary your diet with herbal teas and use them as water during the day. You need two medium tangerines, boiled in a liter of water and allowed to stand, take early morning for 15 days to get its dietary benefits. You can sweeten with honey.

Tangerine juice

If you are consuming its juice, it may lose its properties if it is not consumed at the same time. For a medium glass of juice you will need two or three tangerines, use a strainer before serving juice to prevent the seeds of the fruit in the drink. You can combine it with other juices for more benefits.

Stretch Marks

In addition, the use of oils of tangerine on stretch marks can help rebuilding of damaged skin

We can use Tangerine in desserts, juices and infusions, but remember you only see results on any diet if it is accompanied by a balanced diet and a good exercise routine.

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