Lip gloss: why girls should prefer the usage of ‘Gloss’?

What you should include  lip gloss in your repertoire Beauty?

The lip gloss is one of those ‘beauty’ products that, ‘you hate it or love’. It has very faithful to followers who cannot live without it. But also there’s a great skeptical club that is not easy to convince. However in this content I’ll give you reasons why girls should prefer the usage of lip gloss.

It is one of the beauty products that is evolving since its invention in 1930. It’s bit extremely sticky textures and smells are things that increase its selling power.

 8 Reasons why decide to use lip gloss?

1. Volume: It’s considered a great ally to disguise the thin lips,   and achieve an illusion of thick lips. In this case you have to extend the product over lips’ entire surface (try the ‘plump’ effect that offers volume in seconds). On contrary, if, yours lips have an appropriate volume or even are wider than normal, apply a touch of gloss in the center of the lower lip after applying the lipstick. It will bring juiciness effect but not too loud.

2. Youthful: One of the more youthful and natural makeups includes a touch of pink or skin color ‘gloss’ that complements a base or skin color with black mascara. If you want to subtract years and add freshness, use this ‘look’ as a makeup day.

3. Have plus properties: The formulas have advanced to such an extent that a ‘gloss’ can be used for multipurpose. In addition to moisturize and repair the chapped lip, it may be containing anti-aging components such as hiaurónico acid or retinol, protect against UVB and UVA filters, etc.

4. Free from allergies: whenever there is a broader repertoire in cosmetic pharmacy and even it has touched the height of the high end. The variety of colors and textures is great for people with allergies or who simply want to apply products. However ‘Gloss’ are anti-allergy so can be used without any side effects for lip care.

5. Textured Gloss: The vast majority of women reject a shine on lips also its stickiness, so it is easy to find alternative with very low densities, as matte finish, textured lip gloss without glitter.

6. Day or night:   The advantages of including this product in your ‘beauty bag’ are many. As it is able to put the icing on your appearance though you’re wearing simple dress, besides grabbing all eyes towards your lips. Of course, if the color of the ‘gloss’ is very flashy or very bright, do not overload the eyes’ makeup. If you put lip gloss, matte shades, use the same on the eyelids and vice versa.

7. Duration the one you want: Are you not going to drink or eat anything because you wear lips’ makeup. You’d be surprised to know that you can endure some up to six hours or more intact. The duration is not a barrier in case of its usage.

8. Perfect Gift: You know, with all the above features, it is a great gift that can fit into the vanity of every woman. We recommend the Easter   Fashion kit of ‘Gloss’ as a gift to your friends.

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