This summer, give a perfect look to your toenails

Every woman likes to look always beautiful. In that sense a very important aspect that should not be overlooked are the feet. Caring feet is an essential feature that makes you look endearing. It is possible that during the winter you do not pay close attention to the toenails. However your feet appearance change completely in summer.


Women mostly look for the best magnificence tips and how their feet can be in perfect condition to walk with sandals as well as open shoes on the arrival of summer. Toenails of women should look to be fashionable and always in ideal condition. Being so I bring some tips with different styles for you to make your feet appearance stunning with sandals and open shoes. Here you will find many tips of decorated nails of the feet. I’m sharing some ideas that will help you decorate your nails. Also, I leave them even more perfect with decorations of flowers and colors, with different styles and accents for any occasion. Further I bring a chic touch to your feet and make your toenails attractive.

This summer, give a perfect look to your toenails


The decorated toenails are increasingly being popular; this is due to the success of the nail art on hands. This technique is amazing as it bring appearance full of fantasy, color brightness, also adds a cheerful touch to any look. A trend that appeals to both girls as well as women, and even children’s nail designs has also be worn by adults. There are numerous materials available in the market to decorate and the designs are endless.


You can use different colored paints and textures, a thicker and more watery, with which you can paint the nail completely or make the desired pattern. You can decorate with stencils, stickers, ornaments and glass stones. The addition of crystals and glitter make them look fabulous; these are available in different jar sizes, but final look also depend on the amount you put on nails; it’s much noticed by colleagues or people. What you need to do is, always apply a coat of fixative to help you polish your nails properly, nail polishes would be last longer and brighter in appearance. For perfect appearance you can use different size brushes.

Logically, for a perfect finish it is imperative that you have a proper pedicure of the feet. The decorated or designed nails look good just on perfect feet, need to appear clean and moisturized, also toenails should be in right shape and size. Of course pedicure tools should also have to be free of corns or calluses, although this is something we should be careful throughout the year, both for aesthetic, health and hygiene.

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