Asthma in pregnancy: Everything you need to know

Asthma is a disease that requires secure monitoring especially in pregnancy. Asthma is a chronic disease that directly affects the small bronchi, control is imperative to put off destruction to the mother or baby. It occurs due to chronic airway inflammation in patients with a certain genetic predisposition. This blockage can be from mild to severe. Therefore, women suffering from Asthma in pregnancy have a number of limitations throughout life that outweigh healthy habits according to their characteristics and a specific medication prescribed by the physician.

pregnant woman with asthma inhalerIf you are an asthmatic, you should take your disease seriously, particularly women who suffering Asthma in pregnancy, as symptoms of the disease may be aggravated during the gestation period. You can even vary, depending on the degree of development of the child. During the second and third trimester of pregnancy you may notice how the symptoms are a little more severe. The importance of taking extra care at this time of your life is to maintain optimum oxygen levels in your blood. This way, you will ensure that your child receives the necessary quantity of oxygen to develop normally, avoiding any complications.

How to know if you have Asthma during pregnancy?

In many cases, pregnant women have no awareness that they are suffering Asthma in pregnancy. Therefore, they must be careful if they have any sign of suffering Asthma in pregnancy. Some of the symptoms you may notice are;

Difficulty in breathing

If you notice that you have breathing trouble and it occurs often, visit your doctor. It may be a mild Dyspnea, but your doctor should be aware regarding it.

Bronchial Obstruction

If you notice “beeps” in the chest when you breathe, somehow, a small bronchial obstruction whilst you breathing; need to treat the problem before it get serious.

Tightness in the chest

Typically, this is one of the symptoms of an asthma attack.

If you notice these symptoms recur frequently, it is necessary to turn to your doctor. So that he/she can assesses the situation and give you the necessary guidelines to keep controlled this situation as well as keep you plus your baby out of any risk.

What’s the behavior of Asthma in pregnancy?

asthma_pregnantOne third of pregnant asthmatic patients improve asthma, a third continues with the same level and one third get worsen. Overall asthma usually behaves similarly in subsequent pregnancies. In those who get asthma worsens, hopefully minor chances of crisis especially between 17 and 24 weeks, in the last month. Generally, during labor asthma does not get worsen.

Both during labor and after labor, the asthmatic patient should continue to receive their medication. They should continue it during the postpartum period, although they must be careful because some patients may get worsen due to the physiological changes that occur.

What are the risks of poorly controlled Asthma in pregnancy?

asthamaPregnant asthmatic women, if receive poor management of asthma resulted chances of preterm delivery, low birth weight, increased number of caesarean sections along with hypertension in the mother. A well-managed asthma substantially can reduce these risks.

Use of bronchodilators plus inhaled corticosteroids during breastfeeding is risk-free; instead theophylline should not be used as it can cause irritation in the baby.

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